Tropical Wet

It is a rainy place

Climate Location

  • Between 15 degrees south and 5 degrees there is tropical wet. And north Between 5 degrees south and 5 degrees North there is tropical wet.

Yearly Precipitation

It usually rains every day. Most areas get 100 inches of rain per year. Sometimes they can get up to 300 inches. It can mist or rain heavily.
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Seasons and Temperature Range

Most rain forests can have two wet seasons and two dry seasons. During the wet season the temperature is usually 78.5 degrees fahrenheit. During the dry season the temperature usually is 82.2 degrees fahrenheit.
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Factors Affecting Climate

The distance from large bodes can affect it because it makes it rain more. Also monsoons affect it because they make lots of rainfall. Ocean currents can affect it because it affects witch way the wind goes.
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