My reading history

My life as a not so avid reader

Even though I was never really a bookworm, I do enjoy reading a good book once and a while

I will never pick up a Harry Potter book, (sorry HP lovers...) but I will however watch the movies. I guess that is just because most of the teachers that I have had, made reading more of homework than fun. They made us wrote entries on predictions, quotes, characters' feelings, and those horrible sticky notes sticking out from my book, drove me CRAZY! Every night we had to make five sticky notes while reading! Now maybe you can see how I started "loving" reading.

Roald Dahl Challenge

The Roald dohl challenge basically killed my love of reading all together. I had nightmares of the twits and witches. We were forced to read these terrible books for two whole months! And this was only in fourth grade! Worst reading experience of my life!

Thankfully I met a really nice librarian two years ago. She found all of these great books that really loved.

Books that I would really love to read...

The help. Fallen. Matched. If I stay. The host. Delirium. The misfits. Dolphin tale. My life undesided. Kissed by an angel. Pretty little liars.

My reading timeline