October 7, 2019

Eagle Academy encourages academic excellence by integrating proven instructional methods with a challenging curriculum and high expectations.This combination provides every child with the foundation needed to achieve proficiency of Eagle Academy’s performance standards at each instructional level.

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Tis the Season

With winter fast approaching. Temperatures are starting to drop below freezing. We go outside (weather permitting) for recess every day. Please, please, please start sending your student(s) to school with appropriate outerwear. This means:

  • warm coat
  • winter hat
  • mittens or gloves
  • scarves
  • snow pants
  • boots

It is always a good idea to mark your child’s name on all items. You would be surprised how many pairs of black snow pants we get!


The Eagle Academy Academic Policy Board (APB) is accepting applications to fill our vacant Parent Member position – Seat E.

Being a charter school, we have the unique opportunity to have our own governing body, which is the Academic Policy Board. The Academic Policy Board is responsible for creating school policy, approving and monitoring the school's budget, setting and monitoring goals for the program, selecting curriculum that aligns with EACS standards, overseeing the implementation of Eagle Academy's program, ensuring adherence to the school's charter and policies, hiring/evaluating/supervising the principal, and participating in staff interviews - all in accordance with the school's Charter and Bylaws.

The Academic Policy Board consists of seven (7) members: four parents, one community member at large and two teachers of Eagle Academy. The parent positions must be filled by parents of students currently attending Eagle Academy and may not be filled by teachers, permanent staff members, or long-term temporary staff members of Eagle Academy. The community member may be a parent or classified employee but may not be a certificated staff member.

Please see the attached application for more details. If interested, please return the application in a sealed envelope to the front office by Monday, 10/28


Eagle Academy Fall Picture Day is coming on Wednesday, October 16

Fall pictures are with all students in uniforms, as these will be the portraits for the yearbook. We will also be taking class pictures at the same time. If you would like to have group or sibling pictures taken, they will begin at 8 am in the gym. We will begin class pictures and portraits immediately following the pledge and morning announcements at 8:35. Picture order forms should be coming home in October 7 Monday folders.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Bundy, 884-5008 or jeeperjoebundy@yahoo.com.

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We have counted the ballots and the results are in! Here is the list of our Student Council Officers for the 2019-2020 school year. Representative elections will take place in classrooms this week.

President: Thomas Bundy

Vice President: Dylan Quick

Secretary: Kyla Moore

Treasurer: Charlotte Hull

Historian: Beck Juliussen


Lexia Lab begins today and will be on Monday and Wednesday afternoons until 4:00 p.m.

Lexia is a computer based language arts program, and each student works at their own pace.

Certificates of advancement are awarded at each Award Assembly. Students may work on

Lexia in the lab, or at home, or both.

A permission slip is required before beginning Lexia, and Mrs. Copping has extras if you

need one. If you have questions, she can also explain more about the program.

Each student attending the lab will need a set of headphones, which will be kept at school

just for Lexia. Please pick up your child promptly at 4:00 p.m.

Thanks! Here's to another year of learning and achievement! Last year's Lexia kids earned

86 levels collectively. That was amazing!

Mrs. Janet Copping

Lexia Coordinator


New Books in Library for 4th, 5th, & 6th Grade Students

Mrs. Copping is happy to be able to announce that all the books she ordered are in!

These brand new books are brought to you by our fabulous PTO. Thank you!!!

  • Wings of Fire Volumes 1-13, Author: Tui Sutherland
  • Seekers series Vol 1-5, Author: Erin Hunter
  • Seekers: Return to the Wild, Volumes 3, 5, 6
  • Survivors: Tales From the Packs
  • Survivors: Volumes 1-3, 5
  • Septimus Heap Series volumes 1-7, Author: Angie Sage
  • Dragonwatch volumes 1, 2, Author: Brandon Mull

Come check them out after lunch and recess and before your afternoon classes begin.

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Papa Murphy's Fundraiser

Pencil in pizza for dinner on Saturday, October 19th because it's Eagle Academy fundraising day. This applies to ONLINE ORDERS ONLY. Go to papamurphys.com and use code FUNd at checkout and you've just helped support our EACS PTO. Thank you!

PTO Calendar Correction

Fall Picture Day is October 16th. Please see the revised attached PTO Calendar.

National Principals Month

October is National Principals Month. Thank you, Mrs. Carroll, for all you do for Eagle Academy! Feel free to show Mrs. Carroll your appreciation any day this month.

October Events

October PTO Meeting is on the 10th at 6 pm in the staff lounge. Also, stay tuned for updates on these exciting events the PTO is hosting: Fall Festival Oct 18th - 6 pm-8 pm; Red Ribbon Week Oct 21st-24th, Scholastic Book Fair Oct 18th, 23rd & 24th.

Box Tops

Please continue to clip those Box Tops if you see them! Clipped Box Tops due to classrooms by October 24th for the 1st quarter competition - who will earn the trophy this quarter?!

6th Grade Pizza Fundraiser - Pizza Friday

If you paid for the entire year you do not need to turn in a form each week.

Others may print attached form (or write order on a piece of paper.) A separate form is needed for each student. Exact change only please, unless you are making a donation to 6th grade fund.

There is a gluten free cheese option. Sending a metal spoon each day with your child will help us keep plastic spoons out of landfills!!

Thank you for supporting the 6th grade.



Support our EACS 6th graders by purchasing a Gold Canyon Candle for just $21.00 (each) from now until October 8th. Scents include: Autumn Walk, Banana Nut Bread, Cinnamon Pinecones, Cinnamon Vanilla. Scent samples will be available in the staff lounge Oct. 1-8 for anyone interested.

Clean Sheets, Cozy Christmas, Cranberry Orange, Fresh Orange, Ginger Lime, Holiday Wreath, Lavender Chamomile, Mulled Cider, Pomegranate, Pumpkin Pie, Sugar Cookie. Proceeds from candle sales go towards the 6th Grade end of year field trip to Homer, Alaska.

Look for order forms in your Monday Folders. Return order forms and Checks (made payable to the EACS PTO) to your classroom teacher.

For more information contact Mrs. Pelton: pelton_marie@asdk12.org or Mrs. Edison at: edison_mindy@asdk12.org

Thanks for your support!

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HealthWise with Nurse Jan

Our Flu Clinic was a smashing success! Thanks to all our great students and their show of bravery and camaraderie. I love to see them encouraging each other with kind words. I hope we put a dent in the Flu Virus this year, we definitely gave it our "Super Hero" best effort!

Thank you again for helping our Flu Clinic run smoothly and getting the permission slips turned in. We were the very first ASD school to complete their Clinic for this school year. GO EACS!

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No School for Students

Friday - October 18th (Grade Reporting Day)

Friday - October 25th (In-Service)


If you are new to Eagle Academy, or would like a re-fresher, we have Parent Orientation Meetings scheduled. All NEW to Eagle Academy families are REQUIRED to attend one. Please make arrangements to attend one of the following:

  • Tuesday, October 15th - 9 a.m
  • Monday, November, 4th - 9:00 am
  • Thursday, December 5th - 9:00 am
  • Friday, January 10th - 9:00 am

If you would like a reminder call, please call the school office to get added to the list for the date you plan to attend.

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Great Chicago Fire

On October 8, 1871, flames spark in the Chicago barn of Patrick and Catherine O’Leary, igniting a two-day blaze that kills between 200 and 300 people, destroys 17,450 buildings, leaves 100,000 homeless and causes an estimated $200 million (in 1871 dollars; $3 billion in 2007 dollars) in damages. Legend has it that a cow kicked over a lantern in the O’Leary barn and started the fire, but other theories hold that humans or even a comet may have been responsible for the event that left four square miles of the Windy City, including its business district, in ruins.

Hoover Dam begins transmitting electricity to Los Angeles

On October 9, 1936, harnessing the power of the mighty Colorado River, Hoover Dam begins sending electricity over transmission lines spanning 266 miles of mountains and deserts to run the lights, radios, and stoves of Los Angeles.

Birth of the U.S. Naval Academy

On October 10, 1845 the United States Naval Academy opens in Annapolis, Maryland, with 50 midshipmen students and seven professors. Known as the Naval School until 1850, the curriculum included mathematics and navigation, gunnery and steam, chemistry, English, natural philosophy, and French. The Naval School officially became the U.S. Naval Academy in 1850, and a new curriculum went into effect, requiring midshipmen to study at the academy for four years and to train aboard ships each summer–the basic format that remains at the academy to this day.

Jimmy Carter wins Nobel Prize

On October 11, 2002, former President Jimmy Carter wins the Nobel Peace Prize “for his decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development.”

Carter, a peanut farmer from Georgia, served one term as U.S. president between 1977 and 1981. One of his key achievements as president was mediating the peace talks between Israel and Egypt in 1978.

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