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Top Secrets To Detailing With Your Own Car Detailing Equipment

Taking care of your car with car detailing equipment isn’t a matter or throwing money away on vanity. It’s actually key to keeping your car clean and ready. Regular washes can protect your car’s paint, and it can also prevent junk from building up in your car and creating nasty smells or other problems. It is just a part of vehicle ownership that many neglect, because professional services are expensive. You can expect to pay at least $100 for just one trip.

Especially if you have kids or pets, your seats, floor mats, and the rest of your car could use a good cleaning on a regular basis. The problem is that most of us can’t afford (or really don’t see any reason to spend) $100 every week, or even every month, on car washes.

If you choose to get your own equipment, be prepared to pay more upfront. But especially if you are more conscientious and would like to clean your car more thoroughly on a regular basis, it will quickly pay for itself. The best part is that normal customers and large businesses have access to much of the same auto detailing equipment. If you want to do it yourself, the equipment is the first step. But the bulk of the problem is knowing how to pick the right equipment and how to use it.

Use 2 Buckets To Wash Your Car With Car Detailing Equipment

If you visit professional car washes, they don’t just use professional car detailing equipment. They often use the 2 buckets method to get the best detailing results on the outside of your car. One buckets holds your cleaning solution. Ultimately, we are used to this bucket being the dirty one.

The second bucket holds clean water with no cleaning solution. When you use the two bucket method, what you are actually doing is dipping your rags or cleaning mit into the clean water before you go back into the suds that you will use to clean your car. This means that you’re not just moving dirt around the surface of your car. Some professionals will take the extra precaution of a Grit Guard to bring dirt and other sediment down to the bottom, trapping it there.

Use Microfiber To Accent Your Car Detailing Equipment

The best car detailing equipment could very well include microfiber towels. In shops, they will use color coded microfiber towels. However, if it’s just your car, you don’t necessarily need multiple colors. You just need enough to effectively wash and dry your car.

When you wash these towels between car washes, you should be washing them on their own. You never know what has been hanging onto your car, and you don’t want this kind of junk mixing with your clothes, or even your other rags and towels. Unfortunately, when you use microfiber, it can also catch the lint and waste of cotton towels, leaving you with more build up when you try to use them on your car.

When microfiber towels are properly taken care of, it dries the water off your car without leaving excess residue behind. It is also better if you don’t want to scratch your paint finish. Once you get used to the idea of microfiber, make sure that you are buying your towels from a specialty store or another high quality source as opposed to just using the cheapest ones you can find.

Use Your Car Detailing Equipment On The Trim First

There is a certain order to everything, including car detailing equipment. You can clean the trim first, then applying a protectant. This will help you to prevent things like wax and polish from actually staining your trim when you are working on the rest of your car.

If you don’t take the time and care to apply this type of protectant first, it may be too late to prevent necessary damage after you’ve already started working on the rest of your car. This simple order leaves you doing exactly the same things, but ultimately saving yourself quite a bit of time and heartache.

Check The Settings On Power Washers And Other Car Detailing Equipment Beforehand

Before you start using power washers or other car detailing equipment for the first time, give it a test run and check the settings. There are many factors that go into a successful car wash, and if something gives you more of a kick than you expected (for example), you don’t want to figure that out for the first time while you’re trying to thoroughly clean your car.

As you get used to your auto detailing equipment, you will get a better idea of what settings are best for you, and more importantly perhaps, what they should feel like. This will also help you to determine what will really get the dirt off your car without unnecessary damage on certain parts.

Use Cleaning Products Designed For Your Car With Car Detailing Equipment

For years, we have been using things like dishwashing detergent on our cars. There are even some who have used professional car detailing equipment without realizing the effects. Things like dishwashing fluid just aren’t made for your car’s body, or more importantly the paint.

Your car deals with grease, bird poop, bugs, and all sorts of other things every day. You want chemicals that will cut through all of those things that can get stuck to your car while preserving the condition of your paint. Many have continued to find that you can really only get these kinds of results when you use specific and professional car cleaning chemicals.

Don’t Forget About The Undercarriage Of Your Car With Car Detailing Equipment

When you use car detailing equipment, washing the sides and top of your car are obvious. But many people forget about the undercarriage. Many things get kicked up and stuck to the undercarriage of your car every time you drive, and over time, this could actually damage parts of your engine, the brakes, and even your wheels, axles, and tires. So make sure that you are using the appropriate approaches to wash your whole car.

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