Students at UW Studying the bible

So what's going on INSIDE?

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Texts: The Bible and journals

Participants: Numerous UW Students

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Two Case studies

Maddie and Sarah

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Alex and Nick

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Actions and Rules


  1. Catch up
  2. Discipled opens in prayer
  3. Discuss "homework"
  4. Read the segment for the day
  5. Discuss
  6. Both close in prayer
  • Discipler dictates movement

*Some variations


  1. Come prepared
  2. Believe in the Bible AND
  3. Have a desire to apply it
  4. Know your role: discipler vs. discipled

Interpretation and Context

  • Juxtaposition to preaching outside the Union
  • Mostly unnoticed by other UW students
  • Generational

Putting It All Together

  • Autonomous in nature, ideological in community
  • Consequences of being illiterate: no participation
  • Power play: discipler vs. discipled

Being literate in this practice means... you want to be

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