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Books Due Week of 12/14:

St. Clare - Monday, 12/14

Classes Scheduled This Week:

This is a great time to get your students stocked up with books for break. We'll be giving away holiday bookmarks with every book checked out, and we have lots of openings next week, so come on in.

Check the DATA Library Calendar on our library web site. The Request Library Time link is now up and running.

It's Friday...Check It Out

Starting after winter break, we will be testing out "Checkout Fridays." You'll be welcome to send your students up any time during class to checkout books. You can send up to 5 students at a time (with a pass), no need to call ahead. If we will be out of the library or if we have an event in there, I'll send out an email.

(It's so great to have Kimberly in here full-time!)

The Library 411

FREE Six Flags Magic Mountain Tix for 6th Grade Teachers

Read to Succeed!!!

Read to Succeed is a reading incentive program through which K-6 students get FREE Six Flags tickets by reading 6 hours and completing the reading log. Participating 6th grade ELA teachers also get a free ticket when they enroll their qualifying students. Click the link above to get an account. I can set you up with reading log sheets and rule sheets if you let me know what you need.

Even if you're not interested in a ticket, please encourage your students to participate. It's a great incentive.

Netbook News

HDMI Cables

If you teach 6th grade and would like to be able to connect 6000 series student computers to your projector, please let me know, and you can check out an HDMI cable for your use.

Lighthouse Readers

If you'd like to be entered in the drawing for reading the Lighthouse, email me with the phrase: The Lighthouse has made 2015 truly awesome!

Tech Tuesday - ID Tag Checks

Send 'em on up during Home Room if they need Netbook tags!