by Zane Gage


A Physicist's goal is to understand the nature of the universe, and everything in it. Physists takethe challenge ofexpaining events that happen in the grandest scales imaginable.

Fun Fact

Their are several scientific jobs within a physicist's life work.

What Do They Do?

As said in fun facts, there are many jobs within a physicist's life work. Physical science include the development of clean, unlimited fusion energy, laser eye surgery laser design, research in the technology of highspeed trains and roller coaster rides design mainly on a computer.

Education And Skills

A PhD degree in physics is a good way to become a physisist, however, a Master degree is what one really wants. This degree level in Physics allows positions in manufacturing and applied research and development. Also strong knowledge on math and problem solving can lead to a physisist's great success!


Some of the best known Physicists in the world have a scientific personality. This can include curiosity, imagination, initative, and should also include problem soving and analytcial skills. It can reflect on the scientist's research.

Annual Salary

Minimum Wage= $15080
Mean Wage= $45230
Physicist: $106,360

Projected Job Growth

Faster than average.

Companies That Hire

  • Jet propulsion Labratory
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Siemens