By Zac Wood

This is a greatly known legend.

Hello my name is Perceus. I’m 15 and an athlete. Me and my parents went to Greece because of their jobs. They let me explore Greece on my free time. I went to the temple of Zeus. It is surrounded with pillars. When I went inside the temple I saw a weird glowing lightning bolt. So being me, I touched it. There was a flash of light and when I could see again Zeus himself was staring right at me! He was wearing a white robe and brown sandals. I was still wearing my red Nike sweat shirt with matching sweats along with jet black Supras.

I was terrified, after about 5 minutes I said, “Hello?” Zeus with his booming voice said “Greetings Perceus, I see you are athletic and head strong.” “I have a job for you; you must steal the helm of darkness from my brother Hades.” “Yes lord Zeus,” I squeaked. “Where do I find it?” “You will find it at the edge of Greece, there you will find a tree and there will be a lever, pull it and you will enter the underworld." “Yes sir,” I said confidently.

As I was walking to the tree I saw a dark figure. It was Hades! He casually strolled over to me and asked “will you help me.” “Yes lord Ze-Hades.” “We must first enter the underworld.” When we arrived in the underworld, he told me somebody died, so he had to go see what afterlife they deserve. While he was gone, I took the helm. He got back and told me what he needed me to do. "I need you to steal Zeus’s bolt.” “Yes sir, I will leave now.” I was gone. When I entered Zeus’s temple he was not there. So I took the bolt. Zeus caught me red-handed. He yelled “you will be punished.”

He called Hades and he was furious! Hades came up to the temple. They had a talk. I couldn't hear it. Whatever they came up with would stink. They finally announced that I was going to be thrown into a volcano and that’s what they did.

I am now in the earth’s core. I hate it too, it is so hot! Sometimes I get mad because I remember this story and that is when a volcano erupts. I learned my lesson, you have to be on only one side or you will pay for it later.

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