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Excellence In All We Do - Week V

Say What???

The rumor mill was flying into over time this week about having to retake the STAAR test next week, so I wanted to answer those questions as well as possible.

Short answer - No, we are not retaking the STAAR test. We are doing small Beginning of the Year Checkpoints in Math and ELA(6th graders also get to do Science - lucky them!), similar to what we've done in years past.

Long answer - When we gave the STAAR test last year, the State acknowledged the many obstacles schools were facing, and made everyone aware that the test was not tied to accountability.

However, in late June, House Bill 4545 was passed into law, which included 30 hours of Accelerated Instruction for every STAAR test that a student failed.

I was beyond mad and frustrated because that would have been really nice to know when the students actually took the test. But after much thought and consideration, we decided to create short checkpoint tests over last year's TEKS(Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) that all of our students would take. It's been a difficult year and a half, and we'd like to have a baseline of where our students are academically.

In terms of HB 4545 and Accelerated Instruction, it boils down to a few different scenarios -

If your student took the STAAR and passed, they will not receive Accelerated Instruction.

If your student took the STAAR and did not pass, they will receive 30 hours of Accelerated Instruction.

If your student did not take the STAAR, and they pass the Beginning of Year Assessment, they will not receive Accelerated Instruction.

If they didn't take the STAAR and do not pass the Beginning of the Year Assessment, they will receive Accelerated Instruction.

Accelerated Instruction will happen 2-3 times a week during Advisory.

Every student that will receive Accelerated Instruction will get a phone call to review the plan.

Clear as mud? Feel free to email me with any questions, or call the office and I can explain.

Friday Night Lights

The first grade check is September 13th, with Friday, September 17th being the first installment of Friday Night Lights!

If a student is failing two or more classes at Progress Report time, they will be assigned Friday Night Lights. The students will be told on Monday if they are on the list to attend, but they will have until Thursday to get their grades where they need to be.

The most important thing is that we don't want students to fall behind in their work and get into a situation they can't recover from.

If you have questions about these, please don't hesitate to ask.

Picture Day!

Picture Day will be Tuesday, September 14th! Students were given picture order forms on Friday, but just in case a middle school student some how lost a piece of paper before they got home, we've got you covered! You can order online here -

Retake Day will be November 2nd.

Fundraiser - Only One Week Left!

I appreciate everyone's generosity so far! This fundraiser is only going to be open for two more weeks, so if you'd like to donate, we would appreciate it greatly!


As a principal, I like to say "Yes" to my teachers whenever they need something. Last year, I wasn't really able to do many fundraisers, so my account is a little low. Here is our simple fundraiser - I am asking for donations of $20 dollars or more, and that will get you discounts to many different places(Amazon is one of them!).

Please check out this link and donate if you are able -

Donations help fund:

  • Culinary Arts

  • Teacher Training

  • Teacher Supplies

  • Student Incentives

  • Technology for the classroom

  • UIL and OAP Supplies

  • School Improvement

News and Notes From The Office

Attendance & Nurse - Please email or contact the nurse if your child is home ill. Also, please make sure if your child calls you not feeling well, they must check in with the nurse before leaving due to COVID protocol.

Ext. 2505

Boys Athletics - If your son is in last period athletics and you need to pick them up, we ask that you pick them up BEFORE 3PM.

School Time - Please remember that we teach from "bell to bell" each day and when you pull your student(s) out early or they arrive late to school, they miss valuable class time. Thank you for understanding!

LV Stickers - Show your LV pride! Stickers are available in the MS front office with Monica for $5 each. Each sale supports the LVISD Booster Club!

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Check Your Grades!

I spoke about this with the students in the cafeteria, but the 6 weeks is ending before we know it. If a student is failing a class at the end of the six weeks - September 24 - they will lose eligibility for UIL sports!

Please make sure your student is checking their grades regularly and staying on top of their business. If they have questions or concerns, help them write an email to their teacher asking for their help.


iPads were handed out this week - if you'd like to purchase coverage, here is the link:

iPad coverage -


If a student has headphones, please make sure they bring them this week and next. We will be doing assessments and having headphones would be helpful - if not, we can cover them!

Here is the bell schedule for next year...first bell starts at 8:00 AM!

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Drop Off/Pick Up in the Morning

Drop off and pick up in the morning and afternoons have been really smooth(especially for the first days!). A few reminders -

- In the morning, drop off is between 7:35 - 8:00. 6th, 7th and 8th grade can be dropped off either in the front of the school or behind the school. If your student needs breakfast, they can be dropped off by the cafeteria.

- Important note - we cannot guarantee supervision before 7:30.

- If you would like to park and have your student walk to you, park across the street by the baseball fields.

- 6th Grade Pick Up after school is in the front of the school. 7th and 8th grade pick up is in the back of the school.

- For a video tutorial, please take a look at this:

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XC Runs In The Hill

The cross country teams ran against a very talented middle school field at the Liberty Hill Cross Country Invitational on Saturday morning. On the girl's side, they placed 6th out of 11 teams, with Scotia Horton finishing 13th place overall. Also running for LVMS was Kahlen Mathes, Molly Roberts, Piper Olsen, Laney Bentley, Melissa Soto, Emily Viruette, Anya Alanis, Lilly Coale, Isabella Luna, Hannah Barley and Madison Williams.

The boys team placed 3rd out of 13 teams, with Miguel Rocha finishing 3rd overall and River Birch coming in 6th overall. Sebastian Vazquez, Jackson Cook, Max Sheen, Mason Taylor, Mikey Woodburn, Samuel Radski, Marek Michetich, Tre Haywood, Lucas Wendl and Fletcher Matheson also competed for the Vikings today and contributed to their awesome team finish.

The team will run at the Burnet Invitational on Wednesday.

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Volleyball Faces Off Against Ingram

8 Blue:

Our 8th grade Blue team has moved to 3-0 for the season with a victory against Ingram Thursday evening in 2 sets! Scores were 25-22 and 25-11. We were missing a couple of girls but they still pulled ahead with the win! Camilla Cardenas is proving to be unstoppable with serves when she had 8 in a row in the first set! Ania Saldanas worked hard with assists. Makenna Fiscus and Milele McBride stood out with some great hustle plays and I think the entire team depends on Carli Parker's incredible enthusiasm and spirit throughout each set! This team is really meshing well and I am excited to see what they can continue to accomplish this season. Also contributing to our team for our win against Ingram were: Hannah Hood, Tori Lee, Caeley Carmack, and Ashlin Barker.

7 Blue:

Our 7th grade Blue team moved to 2-1 for the season so far with a very very close loss, but a loss nonetheless to Ingram Thursday evening in 3 sets. We were missing a couple of key players that evening and we had to make some last minute lineup changes that put them into a bit of a panic but they worked through it. Anna Heston really stepped up and did a great job as setter for the first time without any practice, while at the same time contributing some awesome serves! Sophia Hankins is becoming an incredible asset to the team as well. She isn't hesitating to go for the ball and is really shining as a defensive player! They are starting to get some 3 touch work on the court and it has been fun to see them improve as a team and play actual volleyball. Also contributing to the team were: Ensey Cratty, Alysia Benitez, Ke’auvia Cox, Ambryanna Norvell, BeBe Inman, Sabryna Holcomb, and Peyton Warner.

8 Gold:

The Lady Vikings dropped their volleyball match to a very good Ingram Lady Warrior team 7-25; 20-25 this past Thursday evening. The girls were overcome in the first set by superb serving from Ingram as they unleashed bullet serve after bullet serve. They got on a roll early and were tough to deal with. However, in the second set the Lady Vikings came out smoking with a strong service game of their own led by Avi Ramirez. The second set went back-n-forth almost till the end when Ingram unleashed another salvo of bullet serves to finish off the match. The girls competed very well against a good team with great back row defense from the likes of Maddy Salazar, Haley Wray, and Lilah Smith as they made great digs from an attacking Lady Warrior offense. Allisen Shipp, Mia Kinslow, and Maci Thompson really competed at the net getting their hands on several attacks from the Warriors helping to stifle their offensive attack. The girls even had several good swings of their own that resulted in a few kills. Setters Marlie Hawkins and Avi Ramirez did a good job in the second set of helping the Lady Vikings get into their offensive rhythm by providing good opportunities for the Viking hitters to score points. The girls hope to bounce back on Monday evening against Comfort.

7th Gold:

The 7th Gold team defeated Ingram 25-9; 25-18 this past Thursday evening to go to 3-0 on the young season. The Lady Vikings dominated the Lady Warriors led by Olivia Parra’s strong service game which contributed to 20pts won over both sets. Setters Claire Everett & Olivia Parra guided a potent offense that produced several kills from the likes of Sydney Mosser, Eliana Helton, and Abigail Tristan and also even had a couple kills of their own. Winter Callahan contributed to the points tally with a strong serving game of her own. Libero Lanee Arredondo brought her hustling defense all night long running all over the court to make plays. Molly Roberts & Ayva Ritter made their first appearances of the season and played very well as they adjusted to the game and found their confidence. The girls are looking to extend their winning streak to 4 as they head into Monday evening’s match at Comfort.

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Football Doesn't Give Up Any Scores - Wins 3 Games

LVMS football traveled to Smithville this week to play their first game of the season. All 3 LVMS teams left with a victory.

The super team won 6-0. Landon Minjarez open the game with 70 yard touchdown run up the middle. Ryan Duty managed the team well all night at QB. Teague Ridgeway had a great game leading the offensive line. The defense had an outstanding night as well. Brodie Crowther led the defensive line.

The 7th grade team defeated the Tigers 16-0. The defense played well all night holding Smithville to just 3 first downs. Jackson Cook and Bobby Ruth led the team in tackles, while Archer Houston came up with a big second half interception. Archer also played well on offense getting into the end zone at QB.

The 8th grade football team defeated Smithville 16-0. Cullen Parker broke free for a 45 yard touchdown run in the first half. Brock Morton also found his way into the end zone early. The defense had a shutout and was led by Nathan Hiebert, Hudson Chester and Mathew Purkey.

The Vikings will play their first home game of the season this Thursday vs. Academy. The games will begin at 5pm at the High School.

Covid Questions...

Q: How will I know if my student has been exposed?

A: If your student is determined to be a close contact of a student who has tested positive for COVID, you will be personally notified. If your child is in the same grade level as a student who has tested positive, you will receive an email.

Q: Are masks required?

A: LVISD does not require students, parents, teachers, staff members or visitors to wear masks or face coverings while on district premises. However, the wearing of face masks is allowed and is highly encouraged.

Q: Can I choose for my child to do at-home/remote learning this year?

A: The state has not provided for a funded remote instruction option this school year. Students not at school will be under normal attendance requirements. Exceptions to this are students who are isolated because of a positive COVID result or who are quarantined due to being a COVID close contact.

Who Do I Contact?

We try to be excellent problem solvers here at LVMS, so if you have questions, let us help!

If you have questions about registrations, contact:

Monica Kaiser @

Schedules? Counselor April Woodburn @

Bus? Transportation Director Lisa Gordon @

Logistical Questions? Secretary Sue Kunze @

You can contact myself( or our Assistant Principal Kim Bentley ( with any questions you need help with as well.