Sammy Davis,Jr

Actress, Singer, Dancer

Facts and Backround

Sammy Davis Jr, He was born on december 8th 1926 in ney york. He was an actor, Dancer,Singer.Everyopne loved him and thought he could act and sing and dance well. He survied a horrible car accedent.He had a daughter of his own and addopted a boy so he could have a daughter and a son. He loved to tapdance he was very good at it and he because really popular. But how ever he had died on May 16th 1990 at age 64 from cancer he was an amazing person but sence he had smoked his whole life he sadly died causeof the cacer inside of him. He was involved in worl war 2 so he was greatly rememberd.

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Mini Bio: Sammy Davis, Jr.

The video from up above

In the video it talks about him and tells us how he became famous or popular and how and why every one liked him so much so i think you should wach it!

Remeber he died form cancer and he somked his whole life and he was amazing