Dominican Republic

The Great Spanish Nation

Geographic Location of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is in the Caribbean, east of Haiti. The Dominican Republic owns 48,670 sq km of land and water. The country has a mean elevation of 424 km. The Dominican Republic uses a little more than half of it's land for agriculture.

The Dominican Republic: Seasonal Weather

The Dominican Republic is classified under a tropical maritime. It has a seasonal variation in rainfall. Little seasonal temperature change.

Dominican Republic's Capital

The Dominican Republic's capital is Santo Domingo. The city is one hour ahead of Washington DC's time. They own the national anthem of Himno Nacional.

The Dominican Republic's Population

The Dominican Republic's population is 10,478,756. In comparison to the U.S., the U.S. has a increased population of 308 million.

The Dominican Republic's Languages

The main language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish, spoken by almost all of its citizens. Other foreign languages are spoken, like English and French taught in school.

Facts about the Dominican Republic

*The Dominican Republic was first claimed by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage in 1492.

*The president of the Dominican Republic is Danilo Medina

*The religion is 95% Roman Catholic

*The Dominican Republic's national dances are merengue and bachata

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