Luisa Roldán

Maria and Angela

Who was Luisa Roldán?

Luisa Ignacia Roldán Villavicencio was born in Seville on September 8, 1652 in a family of sculptors. His father, Pedro Roldán,wanted to travel to Granada in 1647 and had a thriving business of religious carvings. In the family workshop they learned and worked all the children of Pedro and his wife.In 1706 she died with 52 years old for the poverty.

What effects did her life have?

In 1668 she go to live to Madrid and aftertaste behind to her father for marry with Luis Antonio.In 1686 she have six children and four of them died.Her fame the sculpture arrive until Cadiz.

My Diary

8 December 1671

Dear diary,today I´ve promised marriage with Luis Antonio Navarro de los Arcos,is apprentice the my father,he have the same age like me,19 age. I like marry,but my father don't want.

He neither want that my sisters Ana and Francisca marry,I talking with Luis Antonio and we decided marry without him consent.

The wedding it will be 25 of December in the church of San Marcos,with many witness but without the presence of my father.dfb