TIPWeb Cheat Sheet

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iPad Charges

Issuing, Adjusting and Voiding Charges

iPad Payments

Receiving Payments, Issuing Refund in TIPWeb & Printing Receipts

How to lookup if a student has a district device

Before students withdraw from the district, the campus will need to make sure they collect any district-issued devices (ex. student iPad, hotspot) prior to the student leaving and assess any charges if needed (ex. lost, stolen, broken).

All secretaries, attendance clerks, and CTS' will be able to view this information and secretaries and CTS' are allowed to assess charges if needed. If you do not know your TIPWeb login Information, please contact the TIPWeb District Admins.

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How to pull a charge list report

Here is a quick way to run a report on all charges issued to students on your campus. Now, because TIPWeb never deletes data, it will pull a report on ALL students that have charges that are or once were at your campus.

Note: All charges will need to be paid off in order for a student to receive a district-issued device the next school year. TMS recommends sending home charge receipt reminders at the end of the school year so payments are made before the students are released for their summer vacation.

Please follow the below steps to run and filter a report of your current students with charges:

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TIPWeb Admins

Primary Contact: Vanessa Arredondo ext. 73338

Secondary Contact: DeeAnne Fagala ext. 73367