Child Abuse Memorial

by Kobe D


My injustice is the big issue of child abuse and children being neglected.This is a huge issue in America.Not only is it in America but it is in other countries.

This affects...

This affects the growth of children.

Their physical growth is corrupted due to lack of nutrition.Their mental growth is also affected.By them being neglected,they don't know the presence of real love.So when one comes to them trying to help them,they could lose trust in him.They can become afraid of almost every adult or lack trust in anyone.With these children not seeing the good side of life,they can not enjoy theirs at all.Parents who abandoned their kids are doing more than just neglecting them,they are forming a huge imprint in their character.


This memorial will be placed outside of the children's hospital.

This will be placed here in order to show the adults and children that they are what we care about and that we want them to be happy.

We want them to be themselves and be safe from the complications that life has to offer

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My Hope...

My hope and purpose for this memorial is to make sure that it will be greatly remembered and marked in history.And even as some years pass by, and many more years, people can look back at it and remember the great symbolic message that was behind the memorial.They can remember the faces of children who were mistreated and see them smiling again.They can remember how important it is to make sure that your child is smiling

I hope that no one will forget about the memorial and that they will take great honor in it.

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We need to create a memorial for children going through these struggles.This can show the community that we care for these children.We need to make sure that these children are loved and that we are trying to reach out to them,because as disrespected as they were, this can finally show them that life is good.It can show them that there is at least someone in the world who loves you and that you are special.So this memorial can let adults out there know that they need to love and protect their child.And even those children walking on the streets can pass by and see that they aren't forgotten at all.This isn't for just the Americans but for everyone.