What is the Orion Nebula?

*** a star nursery ***

Pronunciation: (O-Ryan Neb-ual)

The Orion Nebula come from a Greek giant named Orion who bragged that he could kill every monster in the world. Mother earth sent up a giant scorpion to destroy Orion. "Both the giant and scorpion were placed amongst the stars, one rising as the other set."


Latin for cloud, it is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen ,and helium.

*** M42 (The Nursery) ***

M42 is a stellar nursery where new stars. It lies roughly 1,300 light years away from earth. The big nebulous is a cocoon for new stars giving birth to about a thousand stars. Within the nebula lies a cluster of stars still loosely bound by gravity, most refer to this as this the Orion Nebula Star Cluster. In 2012, scientist came up with the conclusion that the nebula might have a black hole at its heart.


Stellar winds from clusters of newborn stars scattered throughout the nebula are causing well-defined ridges and cavities in Orion. The large cavity near the right of the nebula was most likely created by winds from the Trapezium's stars.

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