The Icebound Land

by John Flanagan ~ Brantley Barnett 1st Period

Main Characters

Will Treaty - main protagonist, is the the apprentice of the best Ranger in the Rangers Corp. in the country of Araluen.

Halt - The best ranger is the Rangers Corp. He is the mentor of Will and is trying to find him throughout the book.

Evanlyn - The daughter of the King of Araluen and travels with Will trying to get back to Araluen after being kidnapped and taken to Scandinavian territory.

Story Plot

During the War between Araluen and the forces of Morgarath, Will and Evanlyn are taken hostages by Jarl Erak. Erak takes them back to Skandia, but felt pity for the two and made them house and yard slaves for the Oberjarl or the king of Skandia. Will quickly falls victim to drugs used on the yard and loses all of his memory. Evanlyn and Erak devise a plan to get them out, once the plan succeeds Evanlyn has to travel with Will, who has no sense of emotion and memory due to drugs, up a snowy mountain to a secluded cabin. Halt makes his way into Skandia, but runs into a war regiment of opposing countries. Halt makes his way through them and warns Erak and Skandia, creating a temporary alliance Skandia and Araluen. A war breaks out between Skandia and the attacking enemies, resulting in Skandia as the winner. Halt brings Evanlyn and Will back to Araluen and the king grants him his personage back into Araluen, being exiled before for going against the king.

Book Numbers 1 - 3


My reading preference is very uncoordinated and I have no real preference.

If you like books about the past and deal with myths and magic, this is a good book. The series has 12 books in it, so if you like long series then this a good one.