By: Veronica Roth


Tris Prior lives in a world in which society is divided up into five different factions. As she gets older she has to pick one of these five factions, and commit to it for the rest of her life. Tris chooses dauntless which means she is very brave. However she realizes that she is divergent and will never fit into any of the five factions.
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Beatrise "Tris" Prior

Tris prior is a well rounded sixteen year old girl who hates showing weakness. She is very brave, smart, and trust worthy. She does not pick the faction Abnegation, Where she was born she picks Dauntless. Before she went to Dauntless her name was Beatrice Prior, When she went to Dauntless she changed her name to just Tris Prior.


The setting is in a futuristic City, and they are split up into five different factions, that are located just outside of the city but not in the city.


The song Wide Awake by Katy Perry because when she finally realizes she is divergent and she kind of just wakes up and realizes she is divergent
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Book review


This website rated Divergent 9.7 out of ten, this website said is one of the best books they have ever read.


Some say that they loved it and some say that it was the worst teen book yet.


I recommend this book to every Middle/High school kid to read this book. There is a lot of action, there is always a problem and there is a lot of Adventure. This book most reminds me of The Hunger Games because there is one girl who is different than all of the others.
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