Send Home Clever Badges!

K-2 Students

Want to Encourage Home Use of Clever Products?

Make it as easy as possible and print and send home Clever Badges for families to use! Parents can download the Clever app for free onto their smart phones or devices, or you give directions to log into like normal. If they download the app, logging in using their badge is the easiest way to access their accounts.

There are directions in the Tech Integration Shared drive on how to print a class set of your badges if you need a refresher!

Need Integration Assistance?

Need help integrating a digital resource into your class activities? Want to co-teach a lesson? Want to set up one-on-one training? Simply have questions on how to best implement a technology resource? In your request, try to be specific with what your needs are. Say something like "I would like training with/in..." or "I'm planning out a lesson and need to bounce an idea off you about..."

Contact me!