A Christmas Carol

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The book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is an engaging story where the grumpy main character, Scrooge, is forced to deal with his past and make sacrifices for a better future. In the beginning, the reader saw Scrooge as a very mean old man. I did not like Scrooge in the beginning, but I kept reading because I wanted to see if he would change. An instance of his change began when the different Ghosts came to visit him. Each Ghost taught Scrooge a lesson, and you will be very surprised at how they do this! Lastly, you will want to read this interesting book to become more educated on figurative language. The figurative language adds meaning and better understanding to the book. In conclusion, you should read this book if you are looking for an interesting story of a man on a journey to become a better person through the sacrifices he makes.

Sacrifices Made

In the book A Christmas Carol, the main character Scrooge must sacrifice his selfish ways to become a more giving and caring person. He decides that he will start giving some of his riches to those who need it far more than him. Like Scrooge, I have had to make sacrifices in my life. A specific sacrifice I made was when I had the opportunity to move to China. I was forced to sacrifice seeing my family and friends, in order to take a leap and try a new experience.