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April 28th, 2015

<Issue #12>

I have greatly enjoyed spending lunch with all those who I was able to make and keep appointments with prior to when PARCC testing threw everything for a loop. I will make sure to schedule appointments again after we get through these next couple of weeks. Please read the following updates. Each article is related to important information about changes to services that each of you may typically use!

Updates, Tips and Reminders

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Going Google... H Drive Elimination

We are getting rid of our H Drive and syncing all of the files that you save to your computer to your Forest Hills Google Drive. Once this transition has been completed you will be able to log into your Forest Hills account and access the files on your Drive from any device, including your own personal devices! We will begin imaging teacher devices to prepare for the new update once PARCC testing is over. We hope to have all teacher devices updated before the school year ends so that you can take your computer with you on check out day. If we do not get all computers updated in time, those devices that have not been updated will need to be held at Nagel during the summer until we can do so. You will still be able to come in and pick up the device once it has been updated.


In order to complete this update we will need to access your account using your password. We can do this one of three ways:

1) You can send Kehlan an email with you current password <Please use the following subject line for security purposes: Google Drive Sync>

2) You can change your password to a temporary one and then send that password to Kehlan so that we can perform the need update. <Please use the following subject line for security purposes: Google Drive Sync>

3) You do not need to send us your password, We will change your password to access your account during update and then contact you to inform you that you can change it back once we have finished.

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New Service for Tech Help Tickets

Forward Edge and Forest Hills have decided to change from the current tech help ticketing service (Spiceworks) to a new ticketing service (FreshDesk). Fresh Desk will save us money and streamline the ticketing process. You as a client will also be able to interact more easily with the Service Rep handling your ticket! The best thing is that the process of submitting a ticket does not change for you! You will still send an email to TechHelp@foresthills.edu. You will receive a confirmation email from email.freshdesk.com. You will also receive a link where you can set up a email and password login so that you can see the progress of your request and interact with the assigned technician.

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VDI Changes for Chromebook Users

Just recently, Google has made a few changes to the Chrome browser and it is causing issues with our VDI program for Chromebook users. VDI is used on devices that do not run properly in Java Environments (Phet Interactive, Explore Learning, etc.). VDI must be used within a newly designed App for those using Chromebooks in order for it to function the way it is intended.

Kehlan sent out an email earlier this week but here is another rundown on how to get VDI to work on a Chromebook:

1) Download the Citrix Receiver App for Chrome Browser: Click Here while viewing this email in a Chrome Browser.

2) When prompted to enter a url use https://vid.foresthills.edu

3) Students will then log in using their first and last name user and their FH password.

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