Want to be in shape and have fun? This is the sport for you!

Find out what position you like best

Do you have a fast instinct and have great grip? Then why don't you try out goalie, you'd be great at it! If you are a fantastic runner and great passer, then you should definitely go for mid-field. For people with strong kicks and outstanding crosses, go play striker. Striker is the position where you have to be real focused on the game, because you are the one scoring our goals.


Fundamentals of the game

An average soccer game is usually 90 minutes long with 45 minute halves. If there is an injury or any other thing that stops the game, that is called stoppage time. When the game is over at 90 minutes, if there was any stoppage time, then the game goes into over-time. However long the stoppage time was, that's how long the game goes into over-time. There is supposed to be 11 players on the field for each team. You can do the layout almost any way you want to, but it has to be organized and there has to be a goalie.