Perseverance~ Rudy

By: Isabella Ricciardi

Rudy And His Determination

Rudy was a determined kid that knew he could play football for Notre Dame ever since he was little. All Rudy could do was to think about playing football for Notre Dame. He finally started his dream when his friend died, because he told Rudy to follow his dream and that is exactly what he did. It only took one bad thing to happen for one good one to begin. It was hard for Rudy because he was told all his life he could not get into a school like that. He just wasn't good enough. That made Rudy want it even more. He studied and studied but didn't make it the first semester at Notre Dame. He would never give up because there was something inside of him that knew he could make it and prove his whole family wrong. Then the last semester came around and he finally made it and got to walk onto that football field knowing he made his family proud and even himself .

Since Rudy Was born ( Chronological)

Ever since Rudy was born he wanted to play football for Notre Dame but with his family name it could never happen his dad said. He didn't let that get to him, when he was a kid he practiced playing football with some kids around the neighborhood. When he was a teenager he had bad grades and everyone else thought he would never get into Notre Dame. When he tried to get on the bus to go see the campus the teacher said this is for people that actually want to go to Notre Dame, but he really wanted too on his way home he was feeling disappointed but that never stoped him in the fall he went to Notre Dame but never made it. After that he studied until he made it the next fall he finally made it with good grades. After that he tried out for football and made it he was extremely happy and so where his parents.

Rudy and his effects

The cause of this story is when Rudy was told all of his life he would never get into a school like that but he didn't listen to what people had to say. At that time period Rudy didn't have the best of grades to get into Notre Dame, and play football for them so he kept studying off of his own time and not caring what other people did all he wanted to do was get into Notre Dame and prove his family wrong and show him a Ruettiger can make a college like that. Some of the problems he faced where being told he would never make it but with those bad grades showed Rudy that anything can turn around and be something amazing just like that. With the little money Rudy had he made every little penny of that count. Rudy barley had a place to stay until he turned around and made something of himself. With everything you do there will always be an ending point and nothing is impossible.

Description of Rudys Life

Rudy was that type of guy that loved to play football he played it ever since he was a kid and had a dream about playing football for Notre Dame But didn't have the grades to do it in high school but never gave up there when people where making fun of him. Once his friend died it was like a wake up call for him. He wanted to go to college now so that night he left with the little money he had and went to Notre Dame. Rudy didn't have the grades yet to go to Notre Dame so he went to another college till he got his grades up the first quarter he didn't make it but the last semester he made it just in time for football season in the fall. After all that his family finally believed the family name will live on and to see their own boy made something of himself and everyone knew who he was after he made the football team. He never really played but the coach made a promise to him that he will be able to play once. The last game of the season with only 7 seconds remaining he got to play and he made a tackle and one the game every since he was the only guy to be carried off the field since 1975.
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I choose this photo because I feel like it shows perseverance. It shows perseverance in this photo because to get to where he is know he had to go threw some really rough things but he got threw them and did something amazing.