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March 12, 2021

Letter from the principal

Please view the pdf below to review the PSSA schedule for the spring.
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Our Wonderful and Talented Middle Schoolers

Building Tesla Coils with Mr. Ramsey

Guilianno and Tyler have been working on a project with Mr. Ramsey using Tesla coils. You never know what project you'll find our students working on!

Are Dinosaurs Loose in the School?

That's how rumors get started! No, we aren't being overrun by a new dinosaur/human species, it's just Kayla showing off her incredible artistic creation! Ms. Sefcheck explained how intricate this was for her to do, and that she has very impressive skills!

8th grade American History

Check out some of the amazing projects that are coming out of Mr. Berger's American History class. To say we are impressed is putting it mildly! There are so many wonderful projects, be looking for them to adorn our hallway next week. Fantastic work, 8th grade!

Girl Scouts of America Career Chat

On March 22nd, Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania will be hosting our next Career Chat. This month we will be focusing on cybersecurity. Girls will learn about "Ethical Hacking" and "White-hat Hacker" practices. This event is geared towards girls in sixth-twelfth grades, but all are welcome to attend.

See the flyer below for more details.

Collaborating for Youth Young Leader Initiative

CFY is looking to add more students to become part of their young leader initiative. See the flyer below and use the attached application if you're interested!

LIU Summer opportuntities for Ages 7-11

Please see the information below from the LIU about their STEM camp offerings. **Unfortunately most of our students are too old for this, but we wanted to include this information in case you have younger siblings in your house.

Counselor's Corner

A few days ago, I heard about a campaign encouraging people to look at the last picture they had on their phone before the lockdown happened. Mine was a picture of my daughter at the park, enjoying the early warmth and sunshine, oblivious to what was coming. It's a moment that will forever be remembered as the last time we were at a park before the entire world turned upside down. Today marks one year from that fateful Friday when we heard the announcement that we would be locked down for 2 weeks. Remember when we thought it might only be for 2 weeks?!

I don't need to go into all that people have lost over this past year. I do, however, think it's very important for YOU to go into it and honor what you've lost. It is also important to remember that grief does not care about what type of loss it is that you're mourning. In order for us to completely move forward in our grief, we have to acknowledge where we are in that process.

I'm speaking right now mainly to you, students. We see you struggling this year. We know you have been the ones who have sacrificed so much, and yet we still expect you to produce at the pre-pandemic level. We understand how hard it is to go from being in the building from 5 days a week to 2, while the other three days are left for you to accomplish the work on your own. The learning curve for online learning has been extremely steep, and while there are many students who have gotten into the rhythm of this temporary situation, we do still have other students who still need guidance in order to successfully complete the year. My message to you is very simple. Please keep going! Use your resources, talk to your teachers, and make a plan to finish this year stronger than we were last year. We are in this together, and together we will get through it!

Kim Jenkins

UAMS Counselor

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