Aliyah Smetana, hour 4

• Astronomers study outer space to find scientific answers to questions about the nature of the universe

• They observe the skies through telescopes and use spectroscopes to study light from stars

•Some determine sizes and orbits of planets, moons, and comets

• The average starting salary is $51,270 per year

• The job demand in the next five years is 230

• Study outer space and/or study radio waves, x-rays, and cosmic rays

• Most astronomers work 30 to 40 hours a week

• Work long or irregular hours

• Field is related to physics

• Most have a doctoral degree

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• The job demand in the next five years is 230

• Get to study the wonders of the universe

• Able to observe planets, stars, asteroids, etc. that are inside and outside of our solar system

• Astronomers enjoy the challenge of exploring space and the galaxies


• May not find anything new in the night sky

• Have to move out into the country

• The equipment is expensive

• Sometimes they may dislike the same observations and the night time hours

To succeed in this career you need...

• Degrees in Astronomy Astrophysics

Helpful high school courses would include


• Calculus

• Advanced

• Chemistry


• Statistics and Probability

Beloit College

Located in Beloit, Wisconsin

Pros: Women's softball, Div 3 | Volleyball, Div 3 | 874 were accepted last year

Cons: Not close to my home | $42,220 | 1,259 applied last year

San Diego State University

Located in San Diego, California

Pros: GPA of 3.6 or higher | Softball, Div 1 | Volleyball, Div 1| $16,632 fees

Cons: $14,745 room and board | $18,400 for end debt | 29,155 applicants last year

University of Arizona

Located in Tucson, Arizona

Pros: 3.42 GPA or higher | Softball, Div 1 | Volleyball, Div 1

Cons: 2 miles to center city | 13,943 applicants last year | 10,967 excepted

Professional organization for the career

American Astronomical Society

If looking to apply, contact 202-328-2010

Online website:

Located in: 2000 Florida Ave., NW, Suite 300 orWashington, DC 20009-1231, USA

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