Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship made easy

What is it?

Digital Citizenship is the use of technology in our classrooms with our students making ethical decisions and using legal behavior. When introducing the use of the internet we have to be mindful that our students are facing new dangers and we need to be ready. With our tech savvy world, and tech savvy students it is more important now than ever to be prepared for the change.

Helpful Sites to Get You Started

Some Top Sites

Keep Calm and Teach On

More Questions?

There are so many sites out there for you to use. This may seem daunting at first like any new initiative or activity that we introduce into the classroom. Take a deep breath and stay calm, we are all in the same boat and there are resources for you to use. If you have any great sites to share be sure to drop them in the staff folder on blackboard. If you have any questions of which sites are reputable or beneficial send a quick email. We are all in this together, just reach out.

Keep the digital Dialog Going

Remember if you need help all you have to do is email and I am more than happy to help or find a resource for you.