The Frappe 2000

The everyday Frappuccino maker

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Have you ever wanted a frappuccino but you were in a hurry.Well we have the solution to all your promblems.Introducing the Frappe 2000 the best home implience that you'll ever need!

What it does

The Frappe 2000 makes the best everyday frappuccino quickly and easy.From it complex syurp dispenser from its cup tray.How this works is you put the drink in the holder the cup holdertakes it to the top.The top is where the coffee is assembled.Then the cupholder brings it down and dispenseces the syurp and whipped cream on the top of your frappe to top it off.

How It Works

The Frappe 2000's easy machineary is the fastest way to make a frappe.

Step One: Insert Ice in the Ice tray located in the top.

Step two: Place cup in holder and switch lever to up.

Step Three: Insert flavor packet into flavor slot.

Step four: Select Decaf or Regular.

Step FIve: Select If you want Whipped Cream,Caramel,and chocolate,Wait for cup to come down and Bam Your frappe is ready to drink.Done in five steps.

Flavor Packets ( Bought Separately)

There are many different flavor packets from Fruit to birthday cake.

For Example.

- Caramel

- Smores

- Choco. Chip

- White Choco. Chip

- Salted Caramel

- Birthday Cake

- Cotton Candy

- Vanilla

- Caramel Choco. Chip

- Pumkin Spice (Fall limited Edition)

Where To buy

There are many places to buy this product for example Kmart $99.99,Walmart $120.00,Target $99.99 and also online too at www.BuyThe Flavor Packets are sold at those places to selling at $5.00 for a pack of 5 of 1.00 for.The flavor packets are sold online too.