AP Lit Research Presentations


All expectations, links, and information can be found on Google Classroom.

*You must be present the day of the presentation to earn points. If you are absent for any reason, your group will present WITHOUT YOU. Also, you will be required to begin a new mini-research essay instead.

Persuasive/Argumentative Research

In groups, you will research, develop a strong thesis, and present your findings to the class beginning Wednesday, December 14. Your group must utilize and showcase a digital skill when presenting AND create a flyer using smore.com. (You will NOT use the flyer when presenting. However, you may consider incorporating interactive links and/or videos on the flyer to better showcase your information and skills.) You will also need to complete the Final Project Proposal doc on Google Classroom. The Final Project Proposal must be submitted to TurnItIn.com by 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, December 14. It must also be submitted to Google Classroom. One person in your group should take responsibility for these two steps. (Remember, this is a GROUP GRADE so choose wisely.)

Parenting, Education, or Scientific Ethics/Morals/Advancements

As a class, we will listen to argumentative/persuasive presentations over the above topics. You'll begin by formulating a few questions you wish to examine. Next, you'll need to cull and synthesize all of your resources to support your central thesis. You must NARROW the focus on your topic once you begin researching. You will be responsible for formulating an argumentative, persuasive thesis based on your topic. You must also make a connection to the novel Frankenstein.


All sources for this project must be from a research database. You will have access to the media center's databases. If you are dual enrolled, you may also access Nebraska Wesleyan's databases. Your research should incorporate current information.

Your sources will be included in Works Cited format (all formatting by MLA 8 including alphabetical order) on your Final Project Proposal.

Each member of your group must contribute at least two sources. In other words, your total number of sources will depend on the number of students in your group. (You may also use the articles and TED talks as sources, but they will not count towards your total minimum number).

As you present, you MUST give spoken credit to your sources DURING your presentation. This must be incorporated into your presentation (not noted only on the screen or used in the last moments as a closing thought.) If you use information from a source on the screen (direct quote, statistic, image, etc), be sure to use MLA citation in some fashion on the screen. I'll be tallying to ensure that all sources on the Works Cited section are included in the presentation AND that all sources in the presentation are included on the Works Cited section.

Digital Skills

Once your group has finished researching, you'll need to decide on a digital platform for your presentation and divide the work. Each member must have an equal part in the presentation. You'll be evaluating your members' contributions as well as explaining your own part in this project as well.

You may NOT use Power Point or Google Slides or hand drawn posters for this assignment. Possible options include: Prezi, iMovie, or other digital platforms (please see me to approve your platform BEFORE you begin). If you create a movie, it must be uploaded to You Tube to present in class. Please confirm that the link works BEFORE class by emailing me the link to the video. If your video is unplayable during your assigned time, late points will be deducted for ALL members. (If you choose Prezi or similar platforms, please realize FEW words should be on the screen.) For an in-class presentation, all members must speak equally. If you make a movie, the same is true. I'll need to HEAR all of your voices equally.

During your Final Project Proposal conference on December 14, I will access your flyer and digital skills. If your link is missing, doesn't work at school, or has other issues, the entire group's grade will be deducted 5%.

Flyer Requirement

Each group must also create a flyer using smore.com (free account). You'll need to turn off the comments feature, social media features, and the "featured flyers." (Go to Flyer settings and UNCHECK all of the boxes.) If you have questions, go to the HELP feature on smore.com.

You will copy and paste the link onto the Research Project Proposal doc (Google Classroom). During your Final Project Proposal conference on December 14, I will access your flyer and digital skills. If your link is missing, doesn't work at school, or has other issues, the entire group's grade will be deducted 5%.