Biome Forest

Daniel Kornegay


The forest is good place. Where the plant and animal live natural habit.


The location of the forest is in United State, Canada,Europe, part of Russia, China and Japan.
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General characteristic

The General characteristic of a forest the season like spring,summer,autumn,winter.

At autumn the leaves change color.At winter the leave fall on the ground.Then at spring the weather start to changes and the grow back. In the summer weather is hot and the leave stay on.

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Weather and Climate

As the seasons change, so do the colors of the leaves of the deciduous. During the winter months water is generally not available to keep the leaves of some plants alive. Therefore, the leaves of some plants fall off and grow back in the spring. Those plants, like evergreens, keep their leaves during the winter have special adaptations to stay alive.


The temperature of the forest like 50 degrees F.The temperature in the forest are mild.


rainfall is in the form of sleet, snow, and hail. The average rainfall is 30 to 60 inches per year.


Forest do have some mountain. In Texas we don't have montains.

Body of water

Yes forest have water.Because it don't to hot like the desert.

Amimal and plant

Amimal in the forest are deer, fish, bears,and snake.And a buch of plants.

Catastrophic events

The catastrophic event in a forest is burning. Tornado break in the forest.

Human impact

The human impact is people littering. And other people hunting amimal.