Barbara R. Morgan Elementary School

October 2018 Family Newsletter

Upcoming Events:

  • Oct. 1-31: Walk-tober Challenge (come join us for lunch recess walking)
  • Oct. 25 : Makeup Picture Day
  • Oct. 26: End of the 1st Quarter
  • Oct. 26: PTA Tshirt Contest Deadline
  • Oct. 29: Red Ribbon Week: "We are Strong" (Wear Red)
  • Oct. 30: Red Ribbon Week: "Shade Yourself from Drugs" (Wear Sunglasses)
  • Oct. 31: Red Ribbon Week: "Say Boo to Drugs" (Wear Orange/Black) - Costume decisions will be made by each grade level team. Watch newsletters for costume/party information. All costumes must be school appropriate and follow dress code expectations.
  • Nov. 1: NO SCHOOL (Teacher Work Day)
  • Nov. 2: NO SCHOOL (Teacher Training Day)

Mrs. Berg, Principal

Happy Fall!

As the weather turns cooler, students who arrive at school between 7:45-8:05 AM will have the opportunity to wait in the following areas before classrooms open at 8:05:

  1. Gym for Walking
  2. Music Room for Board Games
  3. Playground
  4. Cafeteria for breakfast or to read

We recently initiated the following special lessons for our BRMES students and are very appreciative of the MDEF and other private grants that have allowed us these opportunities.

  • Monday Morning Meeting: Mondays 8:15-8:30 AM in the gym for all K-5 students
  • Spanish: Wednesdays with Mrs. Woras (Grades K-2...Grades 3-5 to start later in the year)
  • Creative Arts: Wed-Fridays with Mrs. Walker (Grades 3-5)
  • Positive Action/Kindness Lessons: Friday rotation with Ms. Meg (Grades K-5)

5th Grade Parents: I recently sent home a questionnaire asking for your involvement in helping lead 5th grade leadership this year from 12:20-1:00 one day per week. If you are interested, need a copy of the form, or have questions, please email Mrs. Berg @

Below you will find more information about some of our new staff members and what they have to offer this year as well as information from our volunteer PTA.

Thank you for the great start to this SHINING new school year!

Walk-tober Challenge

BRMES is tracking how many miles our students, staff, and parents can walk in October. We have joined up with Mayor Jackie who will join us periodically this month to promote an active lifestyle while doing a little walking daily. Students will be encouraged to walk a lap or more during their lunch recess time throughout the month. Volunteers are needed to mark hands/tally laps from 11:15-1:00. If you are interested/able, just sign in at the office and head outside.

School Safety #1

We take school safety seriously. We have already practiced most of our drills to help teach our students and staff about best practices/procedures in the event we ever need it. We will continue to practice 'evacuation drills' (fire drills) on a monthly basis and lock down (hide inside drills) every semester. In the event of an emergency, we will utilize our Powerschool Alert System to notify you via text/email/or a phone call.

Mrs. Covault, English Learner Teacher (EL)

Mrs. Sarah Covault has been getting to know all of our English Learners across the district this past month. She is developing a program to meet the needs of these students as they transition into their new language and find a place within our school community. She will be instrumental in supporting the families of these students as well.

Mrs. Drabek, Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)

Mrs. Ricki Drabek is our new SLP this school year. She recently screened all Kindergarten and new students to our school for speech, language, and hearing. If any concerns were observed, you will receive a referral/note and/or be contacted by Mrs. Drabek.

Ms. Hill & Ms. Blank (Intervention Specialists)

Our new Intervention Specialists have orchestrated benchmark screeners/assessments for all students to help drive our instructional groups to fit the needs of all students.

Reports will be coming home in the next few weeks letting you know how your child did. We use these results to group students for our small group instructional blocks.

If your child’s recent scores indicate that he/she may benefit from additional support in reading, your child will receive an additional thirty minutes of reading support, four days a week. The school's intervention team for grades 2nd-5th include Ms. Hill, Ms. Blank, Mrs. Newman, Mrs. Borg, and Ms. Polney. If selected, while attending an intervention group, your child’s progress will be monitored weekly. Each group will focus on a specific skill depending on each student’s need. Skill groups may include fluency, phonics instruction,

phonological awareness, or a comprehension focus. When an individual student demonstrates the ability to meet grade level benchmarks and growth rates, they will move out of that specific reading intervention group. These groups are flexible and will change based on student needs and skills.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact your child’s classroom teacher or Ms. Hill or Mrs. Blank.

Mr. Davydov, Intervention Counselor (LPC)

Mr. Davydov is our school counselor, and often is referred to as Mr. D. He works with students to ensure they are enjoying school and accessing their education to the best of their ability. By utilizing a comprehensive Response to Behavioral Intervention (RTBI) program that is bolstered by an evolving Positive Behavior and Intervention Support (PBIS) system, Mr. Davydov is able to help parents, teachers, and administrators make data based decisions to successfully accomplish students' social emotional goals.

Check ins with students, group and individual counseling sessions, and classroom discussions are some of the activities that Mr. Davydov uses on a regular basis. Counseling sessions can include training in friendship skills, anxiety mitigation, executive functioning, divorce or grieving issues.

BRMES School Hours:

7:45-8:05: DROP OFF TIMES {Please drop students off after 7:45 AM}

8:05: 1st BELL & Classrooms Open




Big picture

Tortoise and Hare Results

Wow! BRMES students ran 2,053 laps in the Tortoise and Hare Jog-a-Thon fundraiser. That's over 513 miles! Way to go Eagles! Please turn in any pledge sheets/money collected by October 1st. Funds collected will be used to support student and teacher grants/requests.

  • Kindergarten 311 laps
  • 1st grade 345 laps
  • 2nd grade 311 laps
  • 3rd grade 288 laps
  • 4th grade 395 laps
  • 5th grade 403 laps

And a special THANK YOU to all of our hard working volunteers who helped with both Bike-to-School Day and Tortoise and Hare. We couldn't do it without you.

PTA T-Shirt Contest

BRMES PTA invites students to submit original art designs for our new school t-shirt. Our theme this year is "SHINE BRIGHT." Submissions will be evaluated on both artistic merit and originality. The winning design will be selected at the November PTA meeting. Entry forms will go out the first week of October and are due by October 26th.

Box Tops

Did you know we use box top funds to pay for teacher grants and purchase playground/recess equipment? 10 cents a box top can really add up fast! Keep clipping and bringing them to school. We will ship off the first round in early December.

Thank you for your donations!

We would like to thank the following local businesses for donating to PTA.

  • Mountain Renewal
  • Unwind Spa
  • Marina Bates at Ashiatsu Massage
  • Timber Apparel (sold at Razzle Dazzle and Ruby's Kitchen)
  • Alma Naturals
  • Jarvis Orthodontics
  • Gravity Sports
  • Mountain Java

Join the PTA by November 1st

$15.00 ~ Sign up by November 1st

Mrs. Berg, Principal

Barbara R. Morgan Elementary School

McCall Donnelly School District

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