Peek of the Week

Finish strong and stay focused on your students!

Principal Message

Team: there is much that has been processed in the last few days. I truly appreciate your thoughts and positive comments. Keep your focus strong and eyes on students. Our students sense, perceive and feel the vibes we transmit, they are just that smart!!!! I challenge you in the next 9 days to get creative with your lesson activities and keep safety and the routines and expectations high for your class so that you can enjoy and have fun with your students. It is not over until the teacher sings! No singing allowed just yet.
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Water Day this Friday! We need your help with recruiting parent volunteers!

As of now, it is projected to thunder this Friday, however, we have seen crazy unpredictable weather. If you have parents about asking to volunteer please communicate with Nubia in the front office. They will need to be cleared! Expect parent volunteers to have their visitor badge on that says volunteer. WE ARE STRONGLY ENOURAGING VOLUNTEERS to help make this event successful. Some parents may come just to watch, although we encourage the help. If we do have parents that show up just to watch, they will need to be cleared as well.
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Thank you PTO for your generosity!

Our PTO has donated 10,000.00 dollars to help support our new playground for next year. Our students deserve it and we are thankful to have such a supportive PTO.
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A good beginning and ending starts with TEAMWORK! Let's be the best chocolate chip cookies in the world.

Faculty Meeting this Tuesday!

This will be the last finale! Lots if EOY information. Please let me know if you cannot make it.
"I Wish My Teacher Knew:" Teacher Asks Young Students to Finish Sentence

What a great morning meeting to have with students!

"I Wish My Teacher Knew:" Teacher Asks Young Students to Finish Sentence

This is what teaching is about!!! Watch the video.

Retirements Celebration!!!!

Wednesday, May 25th, 3:30pm


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Jeans Monday!

Teachers: we know that Awards is next week and we dress for the occasion. The last week of school will be all jeans week except for Awards day. With that said, wear your professional jeans this week with school spirit wear!

Monday: for a great morning meeting!

Tuesday: NEU day!

Wednesday: for keeping students engaged the last 9 days of school!

Thursday: for staying prepared and positive!

Friday: College Bound Day!

CPOC- Needs Assessment

Sunday, May 15th, 3:30pm


This will complete the year! Needs Assessment Info. Thinking for Next Year!


It's end of year survey time for staff, students and parents. We are preparing for needs assessment. Thank you for your input. It will help with next year!

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