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The SpedApp is designed to foster efficient and effective service delivery management. Secure and user-friendly, the SpedApp includes 6 key features: Student Manager, Scheduler, Lesson Plans, Therapy Logs, Analytic Charts, and Reports. SpedApp makes your daily work simple, efficient and transparent. SpedApp is bundled with SmartEdPad. It also has communication software preloaded for non-verbal students.

Top 4 Kindle Fire Apps for Kids- Approved by Kids!

Early Childhood Starter Kit for Adapted Physical Education

Catch Kit

With obesity and diabetes rates on the rise, it's VITAL to lay the foundation for living a healthy, active life for our little ones. CATCH Early Childhood (CEC) is specifically designed for ages 3-5 with motivating games, lessons and equipment that help instill the importance of healthy eating and physical activity, while being FUN for everyone. To help get you started and understand more about how this outstanding program works, we've created this CATCH EARLY CHILDHOOD STARTER KIT. It has the instruction and equipment you need to get little ones up and moving and started on a healthy road to life. CEC Sampler Kit includes: CD-ROM including 10 CATCH Early Childhood Activity Sample Cards with detailed instructions for fun games that have children jumping, dancing and playing Twelve Colorful Scarves Eight CATCH Playground Balls Sixteen CATCH Nylon Beanbags Twelve Spot Markers Twelve-Foot Parachute - See more at: http://www.flaghouse.com/CATCH%2DEarly%2DChildhood%2DStarter%2DKit-item-19460#sthash.c91B6u1L.dpuf

Catch Cones CATCH® Cones - Set of 16 - 9'' H http://www.flaghouse.com/CATCH%2DCones%2DSet%2Dof%2D16%2D9%2DH-item-11109

Feet by the Foot


Price: $26.95

Create fun paths with these foam footsteps all across your gym! Each 12"L x 5"W "foot" is printed with inches and 1/4', 1/2', 3/4' and 1' increments. Soft and safe. Includes six pairs, one each in red, green, purple, blue, yellow and orange. - See more at: http://www.flaghouse.com/display-item-18342#sthash.mnW90xbL.dpuf

Activity Tunnel


Price: $95.95