1. Health in the Middle Ages

1.Was the Middle Ages hygienic

2. Health

2. Health is the general condition of the body and mind. ( Dictionary.com)

2. Hygiene is the science that deals with health. ( Dictionary.com)

3. People

3. The people were involved with the health. They thought it came from bad odors. So many people , and it was also assumed that diseases from the body resulted from the sin of the souls. Also many people had relief from meditation, prayers and other non-medical methods. ( Leaner.org)

4.Who help the sick ?

4. Who got treated and who did not get treated? Treatment was given to the wealthy, not the poor. Remedies were often herbal nature but also include ground earthworms, urine, and animal excrement.( Leaner.org) Also many treatments were administered by people outside the medical tradition. ( Leaner.org)


5. Who was treated?

5. Who treated them?
7. This makes me think how lucky I am to live in this century.
8. Hayley Shanley