Collins & Co. Room 204

Week Thirty-Five (May 25-29th)


Victory to the North! The war is over and the north has won the war as well as the simulation. All the students hard work will be recognized and celebrated next week. Thanks to all your help and support throughout our hands on learning experience.

We will be changing desks next week and back to earning marbles and focus bucks instead of Civil War points.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Collins and Mrs. Cucco


Can you believe that we've taken our very last math test of fifth grade? The students worked hard to apply all the learning they've done this year in order to solve difficult problems about surface area, volume, and 3-dimensional shapes. We reviewed multiplying decimals and fraction, converting measurement, and multi-step problem solving strategies. Way to go 5th graders!

The next two weeks we will expose the students to some algebra through hands on equations, area of a triangle and some fun mathematical symmetry. (No test on these- they're just for fun and exposure before starting 6th grade math!)

Math Interventionists Webpage for Helpful Links

This website was created as a resource for you at home to go to look for ideas to help your students.

Think Central- Math in Focus Link

Here you can find the virtual text book, workbook pages, and online tutorials. The log in information is on the first page of your students assignment notebook. Find more information on our classroom website by clicking the "Math in Focus" link.


This week we began literature discussion groups. Students were able to weigh in on the books that they wanted to read and were assigned to a book group. We set our schedule, talked about group expectations, and began reading our books. Our first discussions went well and we can't wait to keep reading!

Writing Workshop

Research and fact finding continues in our writing workshop. This week, we learned how to take our facts and turn them into interesting sentences. These sentences then build into our juicy paragraphs and make our writing interesting to read.

Mrs. Seiget, our district technology coordinator, came in to teach us about iBook Author. This computer program will be a fun new way to publish our work. The kids were excited to learn this new technology and are working hard to see their finished products!

Science Lab

"Oh, Dear! We Can't Make Cookies Until We Identify the Mystery Powders in the Kitchen". This was the name of our Science Lab this week. The students discovered how each kitchen powder reacts to each chemical test, carefully recorded observations, and identified which mystery powder mixture contains the proper ingredients for baking cookies.

Dress Code

Just a reminder, that as the weather gets warmer, the students are pulling out their summer clothes. We want to make sure that all students are comfortable at school. Please help your students make sure their summer clothes still fit appropriately from last year and send them to school in clothes that are appropriate as well as comfortable. Here is a copy of the district's dress code for your reference from the student handbook.

Students must wear modest, clean clothing appropriate for school or a special activity. Depending on the season of the year, shorts and short-sleeved shirts are permitted. The length of shorts and skirts should be at least mid-thigh. Pants are to be worn at the waistline and bare midriffs are prohibited. Hats, head coverings and sunglasses may not be worn in the school building. There may be authorized exceptions for particular events. Clothing with inappropriate or disrespectful words or pictures may not be worn to school. Any attire that distracts from the orderly school environment is not permitted.

Ask your Student about:

  • iBook Author
  • The Cookie Mystery
  • Who "croaked" this week in our read aloud
  • ABC countdown- Outside day with our buddies

Things to come:

  • Monday, June 8th
  • County Fair (5:45-7:45)

  • Wednesday, June 10th
  • 5th Grade Brunch (2-3pm)

  • Thursday, June 11th
  • Field Day: AM

  • Friday, June 12th
  • Last Day of School
  • End of Year Assembly (1pm)
  • Watch video yearbook (2pm)