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Cambodia is located in the Southeast of Asia, Southern potion of the Indochina Peninsula. Since its 10-13 degrees North of the equator it's located in the tropical zone.

Weather and Climate

The weather in Cambodia is either warm or hot the averaged temperature distributes between 80 and 100 degrees. In Nov-Feb its usually cool and dry, throughout March-May the weather is hot and dry, during June-Aug its hot and wet, then in Sept-and early Nov its cool and wet.

Cambodia's climate is dominated by the monsoon seasons yearly around which is a seasonal prevailing wind in the region of South and Southeast Asia, blowing from the southwest between May and September and bringing rain, or from the northeast between October and April (the dry monsoon).

In Cambodia they can get up to 200 inches of rain each year.

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Physical Characteristics

The main Lake in Cambodia is Tonle Sap. Its located in the center of the country. Throughout the country there's the Mekong River and during the seasons this river rises from the rainfall so high that the Tonle Sap River can't flow into it.



In Cambodia their major language is Khmer. About 88.7% speak Khmer then it goes down to Vietnamese 5.2%, Cham 2.5%, Chinese 1%, and various hill tribes 2.6%.

Cambodia has the oldest written record in all of Southeast Asia.

Their language includes 66 consonant symbols, 35 vowel symbols, 33 superscripts, and 33 subscripts.

-Khmer Alphabet-

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Unlike the U.S. the Cambodians wright and speak their last name first then wright their first name. An average looking day for the women is taking care of cooking, cleaning, laundry, and watch over the children. While the men are out of home and bring home the income. For children on the other hand boys are expected to be involved in religion and the community. When girls have to have a respectful man when she maries.


Throughout Cambodia there's no law that consists with food, except Buddhists is refrain from alcohol and Monks can not eat after noon unless they're told to.

A girl is expected to obey her parents by not dating and doesn't complain.


The Cambodians favor the ancient Khmer temple Angkor Wat by having carvings of them in homes and public buildings.

They also have a population of 15.14 million people and they have strong family identities that accept thing the way they are. Greeting people is also a major aspect. They place their hands together so their palms touch by their faces.

-Digging Deeper Into Culture-


In Cambodia French can be seen everywhere. There are a lot of different groups within this country. There's the Thai people who smile at you as foreigners walk by and whistle, but they do all this to try and get some money out of you. Unlike the Burmese people which they don't care how they get there money they're just ruff and hardened. Then there's the Laotian people they're very shy to the foreigners, they avoid making eye contacted and even smiling at them. Cambodians though are different from all these groups. They're every welcoming to the foreigners, and they can connect with you very well.

Culture Landscape

Evidence of Cultural Diffusion vs. Cultural Change.

Cambodia used to be an all French colony. Then gained independence and became a constitutional monarchy under French protectorate.

Cambodia newly sovereign adopted market economy system, and by this it helped lure foreign investors in.

Maddy Bisbee (Cambodia)

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