Whole Class Lip Sync

Mrs. Sericolo's Class

Be a part of a great performance!

Everyone in Mrs. Sericolo's class is welcome (and encouraged) to join!

Elsmere Lip Sync

Thursday, Jan. 16th, 6:30pm

Bethlehem Central Middle School


Nov. 8th : Group Signup

Nov 11th : Song Choice

Nov. 15th : Paperwork submitted to Lip Sync Committee

Dec. 16th : Costume Decisions

Nov. 16th - Jan 16th: 5 or 6 Practices (to be scheduled well in advance)

(if the whole class joins, I bet we can use a little school time)

Jan 16th : Performance Night


Let me know if your child is interested in participating by 11/8.

Please contact me with any questions or your willingness to assist!

Thanks, Laurel Jones (Abby's Mom)