Republic Government

By: Skylar, Alexis , & Elizabeth

Benefits of a Republic

A republican government is one in which the political authority comes from the people. In the United States, power is given to the government by its citizens and through its elected representatives.

Drawbacks of a Republic

Many times in a republican government, there's lack of communication between the leaders and the people with creates arguments and disagreements.

"Your voice will be heard. You can not silence the republicans." -Republic

Characteristics of Republic

A Republic recognize the inalienable rights of individuals. A government under which all the highest bodies of state are either elected or formed by national representatives institution(parliaments).

Why a republic is the best form of government

A republic is he best form of government because not only do we the people elect good leaders but, you can too run for leadership. The peoples' voice is heard where as with a totalitarian government your voice is silent and unheard. The people choose what they want in their country, and the government make it happen. You will not be ignored, you will be heard. That is why a republic is the best form of government there is.

Why a republic will help Iraq stabilize

A republic will help stabilize Iraq by letting the people choose and be heard without religious conflict within the people. In a republic there won't be any dictators because once you are a leader you can only serve two terms.

Who holds the power in Republic

A country that is governed by elected representatives or leader. Or the people's power

An example of a country that is Republic

The United States