first trimester

The mother will not have a clue that she is pregnant till she misses her periord. the mother will have to montour drugs. The single egg will start to form in the mother with in the first trimester. the embroy starts to take form. After 4 weeks the embroy is no bigger than a kendy bean, by 6 weeks the baby is an inch long with no no eyelids. 8 weeks in the fetus all the organs start to form, then by 9 weeks nervous system is developed. By the 10th week the baby begins to open and close its eyelids so it can protect them. by the 12th week the baby is developing finger nails.

second Trimester

The mother starts to becomes aware of the child's first movement. the baby is no bigger than fist. the baby is fully develop. the liver is develope. the baby is less than 3 inches all organs have formed. the baby can bend and flex. develops propreoseption. eyerthing is developed

third trimester

The mother becomes more aware of more movements then ever. The mother can feel the baby move everyday. sense start to mature. senes start to devolp. within 25 weeks the eyes grow lashes most devlop sense is hearing. start's to devolp reflex. 26 weeks baby sleeps heavy. sollows a pint of luid everyday.