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In kindergarten, we talked about the difference between real and fantasy. Having just completed our “realistic” bird images we switched our focus to fantasy or fiction. The students enjoyed hearing the fictional story “Arlo Needs Glasses” before drawing their own image of Arlo and coloring it with chalk. They are currently finishing the images with their own unique eyeglass designs.

The prek children studied famous artworks by Claude Monet and Gustav Klimt this month. We first talked about what we can see in a painting. Using marker and paint they created an image similar to Klimt’s “Tree of Life. They were particularly excited to use the gold paint! Practicing their skills at drawing triangles and rectangles they also recreated Monet’s “Haystacks in Winter” using oil pastel. To frame this famous work, the children designed a repeating shape and color pattern with marker
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In Spanish class we welcomed the New Year learning about months of the year and birthday celebrations. This is a great topic to use Spanish vocabulary and the students enjoyed sharing personal experiences. Kindergarten students learned to say their birthday in Spanish and also ask their peers about their birthdays. Sra. Artiga's birthday was a great opportunity to use colors, shapes, clothing, and numbers (a lot of numbers!) vocabulary. We created a paper cake for the occasion.

We continue reading bilingual books and learning about Latin American cultures.

Enjoy the picture and video from the PreK classes at Oswego Road (#35).

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Pre-K Song: The Mouse Under the Button

PreK Song

Spanish Resources for the Home

Take some time to watch the following videos with your child. We used these videos in class and it will be a great way to review vocabulary. We are working with days of the week, numbers 1-20 and months of the year. Let your child share with you what he/she learned this month. Enjoy!
Los días de la semana
Learn the Months of the Year in Spanish Song - Kid's Spanish songs
Numbers Song in Spanish. Cancion de los Numeros de BASHO & FRIENDS


In music class, Kindergarten students started the year off by becoming composers! Students used their knowledge of Body Percussion sounds to create their own unique Body Percussion Compositions. Each student used symbolic notation to create a unique piece of their own. We further discussed what it means to be a good audience member as well as performance etiquette. Then, each student performed their compositions in front of their class! We also began preparing for our upcoming performance of Jack and The Beanstalk this week! Look for more information to come regarding this special performance on Friday, March 18th!
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Pre-K Classes started the year off continuing our adventures with Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear! We focused a lot this month on instruments. Students learned the song, "Brother John" and learned about the Cowbell, Triangle, Maracas, and Rhythm Sticks as well as played them in an ensemble setting. We also listened to a piece by Rimsky-Korsokov entitled, "Flight of the Bumblebee" and listened for instruments that we recognized.

Physical Development

Preschool students participated in the following stations this month:

  1. Dodge The Ball/Rolled Ball
  2. Frog Jump Relay
  3. Skipping Relay
  4. Ball in a Bucket
  5. Agility Ladder

These activities allowed them to practice the following skills:

  • Participating in relay races and understanding the rules and procedures to relay races.
  • Demonstrating a frog jump (jumping from a crouched position).
  • Demonstrating the skipping skill while alternating his/her feet.
  • Rolls ball at a target.
  • Moves body out of the way to anticipate a rolled ball
  • Touches toes and stands back up without losing balance.

Kindergarten students just wrapped up "Tossing and Catching with Scarves" and played a game called "Capture The Scarf!" We also began a dodgeball unit! Students participated in a lead up game called, "Beat Ball" and "Line Run Warm-Up" to get ready to run bases quickly, understand fielding and kicking positions, and demonstrating team sportsmanship and team work!

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It was wonderful to meet many of you at the Open House last Saturday! All of your children are making progress with computer navigation skills, vocabulary, and word processing skills. Please do not hesitate to ask for additional websites and resources for your students to practice these skills. Many resources are available on my webpage on the school website. I also handed out a list at the Open House.

Students in Pre-K this month learned a lot about Technology that helps us with our five senses. Students discovered that many every day objects helps with our sense of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and sense of touch. Students brainstormed ideas and we created a Padlet together as a class. Padlet is an interactive bulletin board that organizes images and other information. You can click below to see all the ideas we came up with.

Pre-K also continued to practice typing their name using the shift key.


Kindergarten students this month have been learning about a program called Max Count. This is a simpler version of Excel that familiarizes students with the parts, features, and benefits of a spreadsheet. Students practiced using the Auto Sum function to add numbers together as well as inserting data into individual cells. Students will soon learn how to insert a chart by using the data inserted in the table.

I look forward to further collaboration with your child's classroom teacher as well as their continued growth with technology.

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