If You Lived in Colonial Times

Author Ann McGovern Book report Leneia Schroeder

Lexile level 590 pages 80

The topic of the book is what it was like to live in 1565 to 1776. The book shares what school was like, and what you ate, and what you traveled in. I already knew that punishments were harsh if you didn't obey the laws, I also already knew that there weren't many doctors, and that not everyone could vote and they had 1 room houses and that people worked really hard.

Stuff that I learned

3 main things I learned was that their main meal was corn, girls learned to spin at 6 years old, and manners were really important.

Corn, Manners, and young girls spinning.

What did people do on Sundays?

Lords Day

In the book it shows a picture of people going to church. I did not realize there was another name for Sundays. Sunday was also called Lords Day. Every one had to go to church, if baby's fell asleep in church, no one cared. But, if a child fell asleep you got whooped. If you were an adult you got your name written on a piece of paper and the next day you had to pay a fine. If you lived far away from the church you could help the church staff make a meal for dinner. There was morning church and afternoon church and you had to go to both.

Author's Purpose

I think the authors purpose is to tell you what is was like to live in colonial times. I know this because in the book it tells you what you did on Sundays, how you wrote a letter, and what you ate, and stuff like that.