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Children are our most precious commodity and the holders of our future. To see them reach their full potential - we commit to our continuous learning and the learning of our students so that each learning activity is engaging, culturally responsive, and prepares them for their futures.

Aim High!

Week of November 16, 2015

11/17 - MS/HS Joint PFA Meeting

11/19 - MS Evening Parent-Teacher Conferences

11/20 - Food Drive Ends

Monday Message

Feedback and Communication

Dear MS Family,

ParentCamp was a huge success! Thank you to everyone involved and those who were able to attend. The different sessions touched on topics for parents and teachers alike. From Recognizing how the words we use impact our children every day, the technology we use, Teaching Tolerance and purposeful homework. The conversations were great and the interactions left you glad to be there. Many of the presentations were conducted by some of our Twitter favorites - Starr Sackstein ( and Joseph Wiener ( If you missed ParentCamp - take a look at the hashtag #bsparentcamp and see the many wonderful thoughts left by those in attendance.

Have an image that stands out to you? An article that you found thought provoking? Share it with us! Learning together makes each of us better!

"3" Images to Ponder

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The word joy is in the word journey...Thanks to Tom Mareno for sharing this quote.

"2" Tech Tips to Try


Use this forum to have participants share their thoughts on the topic being discussed in your class. Thanks to Gerilyn Lessing who shared that she's used TodaysMeet to have her children discuss a book being read. TodaysMeet provides even the quietest student a voice.
Backchanneling with Todays Meet

Google Applications

Many of you have used Google Applications in your classroom. Take a look at this list on 10 applications you can use today!

"1" Must-See Video

Lost Generation


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Upcoming Events - Looking Ahead

11/23 - Holiday Drive Begins

11/24 - 15 minute Early Dismissal

11/26 - Thanksgiving