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Melanie Ashworth, Regional Stylist Director for MyShowcase

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What does it do?

Pure Elixir is a nutritional supplement which is clinically proven to reduce lines and wrinkles by 23% within 8 weeks. And that's lines and wrinkles ALL OVER your body, not just facial wrinkles (so the back of your hands, your neck and knees are all being plumped up too).

Amazingly, the ladies in the clinical trial who were provided only with the placebo and not Pure Elixir saw an increase in wrinkles in the test area, which really puts the Pure Elixir 23% reduction in perspective as a skincare super-supplement!

Benefits include:

  • 23% reduction in lines and wrinkles in 8 weeks (16% in just 4 weeks)
  • Significantly smoother looking and feeling skin on face and body
  • Significantly more even skin tone
  • Brighter complexion
  • Thicker, healthier hair
  • Improved nail condition

How does it work?

Pure Elixir contains the following ingredients:

  • High grade marine collagen: anti-oxidant to prevent and repair damage from environmental factors; stimulates fibroblasts and thickens the epidermis; anti-inflammatory
  • Vitamin C: for good vitamin absorption; potent anti-oxidant; supports healthy connective tissue and collagen production
  • Soya isoflavones: supports collagen formation and works to limit photo-ageing. SUPER-TIP: this ingredient is naturally high in the Asian diet and is attributed to the reason why Asian women on average hit menopause 10 years later than women on a western diet; it keeps collagen production going
  • Low molecule weight Hyaluronic Acid: powerful anti-inflammatory, supports kin healing
  • Vitamin E: anti-oxidant
  • Tomato extract: Anti-oxidant and UV protection
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Where can I get it?

Direct from me at MyShowcase! Choose from a pack of 30 capsules (1 month supply) for £45; or a 3 month supply (90 capsules) saving you £15, for £120.

If you want to save a further 20% then book a showcase to share the benefits of MyShowcase with your friends or a personal consultation with me.


"I have been taking 01 Smart Age for 6 weeks now and have noticed a definite improvement in my skin tone, particularly in my cheeks, which are undoubtedly more plump. I am 50 and have had several comments recently on my skin, with friends asking if im using new foundation. I'm a fan!". Jan, Sussex

"Almost 1 month in and I can feel and see a difference already, so excited to see the results after my next month. So easy and NO side effects, just feeling great!!! Fabulous, I love it!" Melanie

"I honestly do believe your pill has taken away a lot of my wrinkles, especially around the eyes! Thank you!" Pat, 65

"The most effective anti ageing product I’ve ever used" Laura, 41

“My skin hasn’t looked this good in years, my friends keep asking what I’ve had done!” Barbara, 58

“My lifestyle has certainly taken its toll on my skin over the past few years, but since talking Pure Elixir 01 my wrinkles have been diminishing and I’ve got my glow back!” Jane, 38

"This product has genuinely taken away a lot of my wrinkles, especially around the eye, thank you!" Sue, 61

Melanie Ashworth, Regional Stylist Director for MyShowcase

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