Primary Points to Ponder

Week of September 24 "The Greatest School on Earth!"

Curriculum Corner


Mrs. Richardson

What is it?



First thing in the morning - students unpack their binders while I walk around to check and stuff binders if needed. When I tap the student on the shoulder they can put their binder up and get their materials out for handwriting. Students will begin writing previous letters taught until I check all folders and everyone is on the carpet.

How long?

7:40-8:10 (or 8:15) this fluctuates just a little bit depending on how well students are "getting it"

Teacher does

I teach or review the letter of the week every morning before allowing students to practice that letter. I use the same language throughout the week and have students say it with me while I'm modeling. When students are writing the letter I watch every student write at least one letter. I work in small group on the carpet or one on one with students who need assistance.

Students do

write :) using the skills shown by me on the board.

Helpful Tips

doing handwriting on the carpet. I can see every student's board - this keeps students on task and me able to intervene quickly as needed.

Check you mailbox daily!

Teacher to Teacher Observation Due at end of Semester....You may do more than one :)

Backpack Progrma

Backpack Program Form is linked below....

If you notice any of these signs please send a backpack program form home with student.

*Rushes to the cafeteria line - pushes to be first or cuts in line

*Sits down and immediately begins eating/focused on the food in front of them

*Consistently cleaning their plate, not throwing food away

*Asking others for food

*Exhibits extreme hunger in the mornings arriving to school

*Some might have poor hygiene, difficulty concentrating, frequent illness

*They might try and 'save' food in their pockets to take home

Pay Your Sunshine Dues to Vickie Please

September Faculty Luncheon. Celebrating September Birthdays!

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Sign Up Sheet for Luncheon

Feel free to partake if you participate! We are celebrating Jimenez, Zaragoza, Bozarth, Brager and Butcher....birthday girls do not need to bring food!

Love Our Littlest Pirates & Biggest Pirates! GO PIRATES!

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After School Detention Guidelines

Regina will pick up the students and bring them to Room 5 for you. Please be at Room 5 by 3:10 at the latest. Bring to the office at 4:00. Paper copies are in the gray filing cabinet by the mailboxes.

Seesaw Journal- Make sure you post once a week!

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Adult class T-Shirt Costs: S-XL $6 Each, 2XL $9.30 Each and 3XL-6XL $10 Each