Lesson 1 Writing Due

かようび-Tuesday- Sept 1, 2015

Japanese 1 Info! ^o^


おはようございます! (。◕‿◕。)

Nice work everyone on completed week 1's work! Please keep up the great job on submitting your assignments. Make sure you are submitting your assignments by the due date!

***Make sure you are going through all the material for lesson 1 before jumping into any assignment***

This week we are working on Lesson 1. Lesson 1 is located to the left under:

  • Course Modules>Module 1>Lesson 1

ホール先生 ^_^

Don’t forget to log in EVERYDAY (Mon-Fri). Remember that it is a requirement to log in everyday for participation as well. Please continue to work, the best that you can. ^_

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Student that used Blackboard IM eboard!!

Alex Cooper!!!

...was first to ask questions about the Hiragana for this week, and we were able to use the eboard to write the character!! ^o^

Lesson 1 Writing Assignment DUE TODAY!

Remember that your Lesson 1 Writing Assignment is DUE TODAY!

  • Make sure you print the assignment, hand write the characters, scan OR take a picture of the assignment, upload, then submit
  • (Use the DIRECTIONS on how to SUBMIT the writing assignment. Please do this correctly to receive a grade for the assignment.).
  • Check out all the study tools for your Lesson 1 characters below!!
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This link below has all the characters, and the pronunciation! :) Please use this first.

Use this Quizlet to study your characters, as well as test your あーこ skills!

Make sure you go through all of the Study Modes before moving on:
  1. Flashcards - go through flashcards with "both sides" first, then select "term first."
  2. Scatter - drag the corresponding cards onto each other to make them disappear.
  3. Learn - select or type in the correct Hiragana for each Romaji. Then, select "speak text" and try identifying by sound.
  4. Speller - select or type in the correct Hiragana for each sound you hear.
  • To change the Study Mode: click the drop-down menu marked "Choose a Study Mode" in the lower right hand corner of the applet below.
  • After you have gone through all of the Study Modes, follow this link to take a practice test.
Japanese 1 Week 2 Newsletter ^o^

There are a lot of awesome links on here to use for lesson 1 learning! ^o^

Let's do our best! がんばりましょう! (✿◕‿◕)