Byrd's English II

May 9-13

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Use your normal log in information.


  • Analyze the representation of a subject or topic between different mediums
  • Analyze how an author draws on and transforms source material in a specific work
  • Delineate and evaluate arguments and claims made in a text
  • Analyze seminal documents of historical and literary significance
  • Write informative/explanatory texts to examine and convey complex ideas

This week...

  • We will be reading Act V this week - make sure your ACT IV questions are answered and the quiz from last week is complete.

Monday, May 9

Do Now:

Vocabulary Practice - Unit 13 - Quiz on Wednesday


Make sure your ACT IV quiz from Friday's agenda is completed

Assign parts and read ACT V - complete questions and discuss as we read.

Tuesday, May 10

Do Now:

Vocabulary Practice - Unit 13


Complete Act V questions and view remainder of the movie.

Wednesday, May 11

Do Now:

Unit 13 Vocabulary Quiz


- Act V Quiz

- Partner rewrites

Thursday, May 12

Do Now:

Act 13 Vocabulary Quiz - choose 2 activitites and email the results to


- You will be working with 2 partners (2 additional people) to create a modern version of the text.

- Take your assigned Act and create a "Thug Notes" like version.

- Explain what is being said in simple terms - you may use slang. You may not use inappropriate slang or extreme profanity.

- Type your version - include stage directions - your version should have the same set up as the original.

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