Reem Alkaroom

Talking About Myself



My Name is Reem nick name Marmar I'M 20 Years Old I Was born In Iraq And i grow up in Iraq I have 3 sisters are married in my country and I have 2 Brothers Live with them and with my mother when my father and my uncle die I Move with My Family To Syria 3 years Then I Came To U.S.A I'M her 4 years when I came to U.S.A I'm Score And I miss My Country And When The First day I Go to School I don't Know How I back home And I'm Not Speak English And I don't Understand when I Finish High School I Want Go College And I hop To Be In The Future Pharmacy I Want To Go Back To My country Because I Engaged with My Cousin And My Family is My life In My Free Time I like to do a lots Of things like Reading listening To Music and I help My Mother To Cleaning And Cooking.