New York Zeit

By Grant Glenn

To Vote or Not To Vote

The 19th Amendment, the right for women to vote was passed in 1919. Women were not wanted as a part of the presidential vote because, politics were thought of as corrupt and that would just mean more corruption. Men believed that if white women had the right to vote then next would come black women. Lastly women at the time were thought of as the person who does the cleaning and child raising not politics or business situations.

The solutions to being able to vote was protesting out in front of the white house in time of war which had them arrested. Finally after the muckrakers put in political cartoons against Government the 19th Amendment was passed.

North Carolina Takes Flight

  • December 17, 1903. Wright brothers achieve the first piloted, sustained flight of a heavier than air machine in North Carolina.
  • The wright Brothers have invented a new way of transportation, FLIGHT!!!! men across the world will be seen in air, and before you know it there will be stop signs in the sky. This invention is huge because, before you know it a machine will be able to carry more than one or two persons and we will be sending people from state to state in just hours. Could this mean a weapon for the military? Yes the military could very well use these it will bring us ahead of Europe! Lets just hope these machines aren't faulty because we don't want to see anyone hurt.