2015 Year in Review

By Sareena Sheth

Top 3 Fashion Brands of 2015

1) Louis Vuitton- Over the past year has increased it's earnings by 13% since 2013, which is billions for them. Louis Vuitton has fought it's way to the top as one of the most luxurious brands. In 2015, they took a big leap in advertisement, by delivering consumer interests and at the same time keep in touch with it's exclusive French touch. The utilization of vivid backdrops and blazing colors, have increasingly helped to promote their vibrant handbags.


2) Nike- Nike has recently been named as 'The King of Sports.' Previously, they have been headstrong competitors with Under Armour; however, earnings have increased about 26% due the support they give to athletic stars such as LeBron James and Ronaldo. They have also recently dealt with many teams with top players, as they currently make the uniforms for the U.S. women's World Cup soccer team.


3) Ralph Lauren- The CEO, also known as Ralph Lauren mentioned in a statement that the company opened several stores in key markets around the world, fueled by the momentum of their luxurious accessories. Over the past year, their earning's have increased by 36% due to the introduction to Polo for women and the development of Polo Sport.


Best Beauty Products of 2015

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Naked Smokey Pallete- Urban Decay

Urban Decay NAKED SMOKY Palette | Makeup Tutorial
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Floral Dress Prints

Floral Dresses For Winter | Cute Floral Print Shirt & Casual Dresses For Women Romance

Fashion Items That Changed the World

Fashion Items That Changed The World

Worst Fashion Products of 2015

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Lashblast Waterproof Mascara- Cover Girl

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Crop Flares

Top 2 Models

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Gigi Hadid

Jelena Noura is a 20 year old American model, known for modeling trending swimsuits. She was discovered at 2 years old by Paul Marciano from Guess. Who career kicked off when modeling for Baby Guess. In 2011 she signed with IMG Models .
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Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is an American model who was first discovered on the hit reality TV series, 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians.' She is currently 20 years old and living in Los Angeles where her modeling career kicked off. She began modeling at age 14 for Teen Vogue and campaign for Forever 21. As of January, 2015, Jenner models for Vogue internationally and occasionally pairs up with Victoria Secret.

Top 2 Artists


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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been a singing pop sensation since her early teens. Her fashion style in inspired from the 50's through the 90's. Her goal is to have a timeless look, so she doesn't seem like a victim to fashion in the future. She has inspired fans through out the world with the classic chick, red lipstick style in her music videos and performances.
Taylor Swift on Her Sense of Style, New Sound, and Staying Grounded
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Adele is a 27 year old English singer and song writer. In late 2015, Adele released her first album in 4 years, '25' which instantly reached to the top of the charts. Adele's style is classy and luxurious. Her style is inspired by the mid 1900's. Her style help to deliver a powerful and mesmerizing performance as she is able to capture everybody's attention with her voice and outfit.
Adele's Best Style Moments | ELLE

Top 10 Fashion Designers of 2015

1) John Galliano

2) Guillaume Henry

3) Simon Porte Jacquemus

4) Peter Copping

5) Marc Jacobs

New Year's Resolution

  • Eat healthier snacks
  • Spend more time with my grandparents
  • Participate in more school activities before graduation