Grace's poems

created in fourth grade 2013


There was a girl named Ted

She slipped and fell on her head

She broke her neck

Mom payed with a check

And she had to stay in her bed.

My Couplet Poems

1. I have a bird,

she can speak words.

2. I very love my dogs,

sometimes they chew on logs.

3. I am very late,

for basketball state.

Actrostic Poem - Flower

Flowers are colorful


Our flowers need sun


Every flowers are beutiful

Red poppy is a kind of flower

Shape Poem - Heart

A heart is love.

Everybody needs love!

Love is happiness.

Happiness is love.

Love! Love! Love! LOVE!

Haiku - Rock Star

I am a rock star.

It was hard to be a star.

Now it is time to JAM!!!

My Bio Poem


Who is - funny, nice, smart , and active

Daughter of - Jason and Michele

Lover of - puppies and art

Who fears - snakes and spider

Who needs - food and water

Giver of - freinds and love

Who would like to see - Hawii and inside a mantion

Resident of - Harlan


My diamante Poem


Young & Bright

Learn, Listen, & Plays

Girls, Boys, School, & Lady

Teaches, Works, & Talking

Old & Young