Hoverboards "DANGEROUS" ?????????

Alia Linville


Hoverboards are having a hard time of late. No sooner had these fun looking, futuristic gizmos arrived on the scene they've seemingly become public enemy #1 amidst a string of safety controversies. I believe that hoverboards should be banned from households.
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Hoverboards Hoverboards

The latest drama surrounding hoverboards-which don't hover by the way, follows a string of headline making accidents where the devices have caught on fire. Numerous incidents reported across the US and the UK (and presumably elsewhere) detail how hoverboards have caught alight when being charged and even when being ridden by their owners.
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Hope this doesn't happen to u

In heart-breaking incident, a family in Louisiana lost their entire home after one of the boards purchased as a gift on Amazon for their 12 yearold son started shooting flames from both ends while the battery was being charged.
How to buy a hoverboard that won't catch fire

House or Hoverboard

Hoverborads or more accurately selfbalancing two weeled eletric skateboards are incresingly popular on sidewalks and hoilday wish lists. They're one of the most popular items of the year's hoilday season but regulators retailers and parents are increasingly skeptical after a number of reports about fires and explosions.

The federal consumer product saftey commission is rushing to investigate and so far has logged 29 emergency room visits and 11 reports of fires in 10 states. Hoverboards have caught fire in homes on the sidewalks and at malls. Though the self balancing skateboards don't actully hover they move quickly enough to have been bannedon city sidewalks and several airlines' planes. These dangerous things sould be banned form households until they are safe.

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Whats inside this thing????

What's inside a Self Balancing Scooter?