Sunday Scoop with the Supe

August 20th, 2023

Week in Review and the Week Ahead from the Vermilion Central Office

From the desk of the Superintendent

This week I had the opportunity to watch our Pre-K students enter our schools for the first time. Such innocent young faces but with so much energy. Makes you realize the power that educators have to make a difference of children at such a young age. But after watching all of the attention they needed, it reiterated the fact that 7 hours a day is not the only education that can happen if we are going to really make a difference in our children's education. Families play such a vital role in this process. I am asking you to read them books, have them read to you, work on social skills and getting along with others, teach them to handle adversity, and most importantly teach them to be kind young men and women. We can't only hold them accountable for part of the day and let technology teach them the rest of the time. I know I am as guilty as many who have allowed way to much time for our children on social media and not enough time to communicate the old fashioned way by talking.

I am making a plea to ask your children questions, and that is all of your kids regardless of age. What did you do today?

What was your favorite class?

Tell me something new that you learned?

What made you happy and what made you sad?

It is crucial that we all work together to create a new generation of communicators and young learners and I am asking all of our families to please help us out at home any way you can.

Have a great week

Superintendent Tommy Byler

The first full week...

  • The first full week has come and gone and we continue to witness a lot of great things at the start because of the preparation by many to ensure a smooth start. Still had to address a few issues but feel like many of these obstacles were resolved the best we could with the time and resources we had.
  • We had the first days of school for our youngest learners as our Pre-K and Kindergarten students started their educational journey. We wish them all the best.
  • High school athletics got underway this past week as football, volleyball, and cross country wrapped up pre-season prep and began with scrimmages and jamborees.
  • Mendoza Ford car raffle tickets are now on sale at all of our schools so please reach out to your friends and family and help make this the greatest raffle to date and maybe win a Ford-F150 truck.
  • Please keep in your thoughts and prayers the family of Mrs. Susan Webb Stoute, a fourth grade teacher at Cecil Picard Elementary, who passed away on Saturday after a medical emergency occurrence this past Monday. Please also keep in thought her students, who only got to spend two days with her before this tragic event. Please pray for all.

District events for the week of August 21st

  • Tuesday - August 22
    • State BESE Meeting - La. Department of Education
    • High School Volleyball Jamborees Start
  • Thursday - August 24
    • High School Football Jamborees Start


  • Labor day this year is on September 4th. Schools are closed on this day.
  • October 9 is the first of four distance learning days for K-3 students so that teachers may complete mandatory state training on the "Science" of reading.